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Cool Stuff: Worx 2.0 Weedeater /Edger

As Seen On TV...too many times. Twenty minute infomercials are a tad too much though.


Yes I have the new & improved 20 volt version...but I don't feel it is the right Samoan version.


For a Palagi house the Worx 2.0 is fine for smaller yards.  It's lightweight, so even Grandma will have fun with it.  Unfortunately, the Worx 2.0 being a convenient battery powered unit, barely finishes my front yard.  It's the best edger I have ever had.  So it's cool— with limitations.  Two batteries and you can do a lot more.


Got my Worx 2.0 on sale for $99 at Lowe's hardware store.  An extra battery will cost me $57.  That extra battery deprives me of a lot of Vailima, so Vailima now, battery later.


So get the Worx 2.0 for light touch up, stick with a real lawnmower or a gas weedeater for your four acres.


Is Mr & Mrs Moors' Tropic Traders no longer a weedeater sales and service center?  In the good 'ol days they were the best.  Have Tutuila's hardware stores taken over that niche?


Are the Zimmerman, Treyvon Martin concerns impacting Samoa in any significant way?  I was asked today to appear on a national radio show as President Obama's comments relate to his younger days...his Honolulu days.


I could write something about this in my column, but for some strange reason the 'know better than me' bosses have censored my column again recently.


Let me see, if complimenting Rey Maualuga gets me censored do you think Cool Stuff would survive Zimmerman/Martin?


Zimmerman/Martin will hopefully not impact Samoans...but if cool heads do not prevail, organized protests could have smaller less than sincere elements embedded that might have an agenda other than justice on their mind.  We all have relatives everywhere that could be affected.  My instructions to my Aiga Samoa is lots of DVD rentals and snack food.


On iffy nights ahead I have suggested my family just stay home, don't get curious, and don't shoot any images for the Samoa News.


May drop a link to that future broadcast.  I have done that show before.


As Seen On TV— "Pocket Hose?" won't believe our test results...which are coming soon to a Cool Stuff and Samoa News near you.