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Cool Stuff: Tilley- Ultimate Island Daily Wear

Tilley hats are a genuine classic. They are the most practical helpful hats ever bestowed upon us mere mortals. A gift from above? No just a gift from above the US... yes blame Canada. Those pesky Canadians keep improving the lot of us in such a low key humble way. But if you are a Tilley hat owner you will bump into another proud Tillyite and you will salute his superb good judgement... the way we used to honk at other VW. Shooting the first home Marist 7's back in the 90's I got fried by the sun. Despite years in Savaii, my Palagi skin still could not handle 5 hours of slaving away shooting for the Samoa News without cover. A few years ago I had a little patch of skin cancer removed, thankfully early, that I attribute to that day. So I embrace my Tilley as the first line of defense against skin cancer, po'o's and even Dengue Fever. While at my Adventure Gifts Faleolo Airport Shop, a Canadian Tourist raved about his Tilley. So of course, I offered to buy his used Tilley for full price on his departure or trade him for our cool miti afu Samoa. The Canadian's response, \No