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Cool Stuff: Solo Pot 900, Goof Off — Buy Local

The Solo Pot 900 ($34.99) is the perfect match to max out the superb capabilities of the Solo Stove (and the Solo Stove fits perfectly inside Solo Pit 900).


The Solo Pot, supplied with drawstring nylon drawstring cover, cleans up fast and easy compared to the low end anodized aluminum... and fear remains, that eating off un-anodized aluminum (old military surplus) can lead to Alzheimer or other maladies. Yup the Solo Pot 900 contrasts this with a healthy solid stainless steel construction.


As a 50's baby boomer, I drank daily out of a half worn off anodized aluminum cup. Consider that bad circumstance influence on the dribble you read here in Cool Stuff. Gee, I finally have a flimsy excuse... blame my parents, blame Kaiser Aluminum.


In a previous Cool Stuff, we shared our experience of the crud that sticks to our old aluminum cookware. My trusty psycho carpenter handed me his can of "professional strength" Goof Off. After just five minutes of rubbing on Goof Off with a paper towel, all the residue junk came off my aluminum pots. It is as truly amazing as the great service I got at all American Samoa Western District hardware stores. No I was not doing any undercover consumer survey... I was looking for my buddy Fiti and my three cases of Wahoo he was guarding and forgot to hand me last year.


So the results are tabulated: Ace, True Value Hardware and the Tool Shop all had helpful, kind, proactive knowledgeable employees and lots of Cool Stuff special Coolio kine stock. Bet you one of them, or all, carries Goof Off.


If not, it’s available at Home Depot for $6.38 (16 oz). Support your local hardware stores, because if you buy it, they WILL restock it. Goof Off is assuredly a TSA no no for check in or hand carry luggage... so again... buy local, buy often, and tell them the Samoa News appreciates their style.


Fiti, I want to appreciate your style, too. Either return my Wahoo to my hardcore boss Rhonda, or replace with thee cases of Hawaiian Coffee to my pal Fili, the Samoa News reporter extraordinaire.


Coo, Coo, Coo, Coolios for Life!