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Cool Stuff: Satala Flavored Popcorn?

Primo Popcorn has created a Star Trekesque beam me to Satala product that was both humorous and tasty.  Unless you been there, those in Hawaii tasting Primo's Dried Aku Popcorn wouldn't have the slightest idea that the essence of Satala was on display.  


Upon the first bite I almost asked the Primo guy to roll up the windows, close the vents, and turn on the air conditioner.  Instead I politely asked if Satala Dried Aku Chocolate Covered Macadamia Nuts were next.  It was actually very tasty and would work quite well with a Vailima at Maliu Mai or the Tradewind's Sports Bar.  


So Tau, Ofu, and Olesega will do the popping, sending the finished popcorn on the empty return ships to Pago, and Samoa Tuna Processors and Starkist will be dumping their drippings on the Manu'a Popcorn...and then sending it on those empty ships bringing in products from Asia.  


We have just solved Manu'a economic development issues and cannery waste in 2 minutes.  Coolios solving the World's problems with a good laugh and several Vailima's... daily.