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Cool Stuff Quick Hits: iOS 7

It's all good mostly. Well that is if the Samoa News gets my weekly two tala paycheck to me in time to order my iPhone 5s tomorrow at midnight, so we Coolios can do our abuse and review.


Can't control pay checks, but can control my iOS on my iPhone 4S and iPad Mini.


Today you can, for free, download the slick new iOS 7 operating system for your Apple mobile devices. I reckon you should be successful and enjoy the new system on iPhone 4, 4s, & 5... iPad 2, Retina, Mini, etc. be careful, it might be somewhat dysfunctionally dicey on a iPhone 3G, 3GS, & original iPad.  It is already installed on your new iPhone 5c & 5s.


My quick takes on the positive: More room in the folders for Apps, really improved camera manipulation before and after image taken, easy to manipulate "Spotlight" search capability by swiping down, easier access to your "Cloud" music, movies, & TV Shows. It has a seamless feel, in which you hardly realize if your flicks are on your actual device or hovering in the "Cloud"


Minor negatives: Your App folders take on the background hue of your device, which motivated me to change to a more compatible background, minor relearning on the "Calendar" and other Apps. Not bad... the minor relearning challenges are a great exercise to help fight off senility.


The only real challenge for our island technology embrace is how fast can you download your iOS7? Took me 40 minutes in Hawai’i… love for you Coolios to post your times in the comments section below.


Remember, Cool Stuff, it's all about us... and you wannabe Coolios that aspire to be one of us. Ya'll are welcome. Su Mai.