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COOL STUFF: Polynesian Health Awareness Concert

Polynesian entertainers, Ala Moana, Tribal Theroy, Seedless & Zhen, with an opening act by Polynesian Fitness Icon Ms. Anna-Rita Sloss of HOT HULA Fitness, will join South Pacific Royalty, athletes, community leaders and health advocates for a celebration of pride with a message of an ever improving healthy lifestyle Thursday 8pm February 9th at the Polynesian Health Awareness Concert, South Point Hotel, Las Vegas.  

The Samoa News Cool Stuff gang is on scene early because yes, we do love to party with our Manu Samoa fans...and?  Something else is on the horizon Coolios.  A Samoan inspired product release has got the Samoa News invited backstage to check out the goods and gauge celebrity reaction.  It's an exciting concept that embraces Polynesian Pride, but also because the dynamics of its creation, promotion and marketing is completely in the hands of Samoans Myrna Pili, George Tuioti and David Timiteo (PolySwagg founders).  

So of course George Tuioti, a Coolio nephew buddy and pal is going to spill the beans and lets us in on the big secret before anyone else sees it at the Polynesian Health Awareness Concert, right?  George shares with me, "Hey Barry, I will say everybody in Samoa will embrace this as "Cool Stuff", and everybody else on the planet will want it.  And you will never believe who produced our product video release and poster."   Ok George, thanks for nothing.  Samoa News flies me in early to get the scoops and you leave me high and dry til Thursday night?  George grinned in his usual sly way and said, "You are here early because your boss Rhonda wants you out front of the Las Vegas International 7's selling the Samoa News to all the Manu Samoa fans on the way in every day.  She expects you camping out tonight to guard that special corner at the entrance to Sam Boyd Stadium.  Rhonda instructed me that if you are a good boy and sell a few hundred papers everyday, you can come to the Thursday concert.  And you better come because this is the start of something really big that will make a big 2012 impact in recognizing our Samoan and Polynesian Peoples."  

Thanks again George for more big build up to more suspense.  Yeah, plentee lots of nothing.  

Myrna Pili, more fa'a aiga than relative is much nicer to me (because she really doesn't know me, so I am on borrowed time with her kindness), said, "This Polynesian Health Awareness Concert kicks off this years POLYSWAGG events, which will include the upcoming 1st Polynesian Images Award Ceremony, December 2012 at Caesars Palace. This will highlight the past and present achievements of our People.  Additionally, instead of just an excuse to party, the concert will offer substance, kind of a soft sell in helping our People think about their choices and encouraging a healthy futureWe will also highlight the uplifting experience of one family who turned things around and could be a special inspiration to all of us.

David Timiteo, the Tres Amigo in PolySwagg, had this insightful comment, "We want to encourage our People to actively support the Las Vegas 7's....bring the whole family, buy lots of tickets and come to our concert too.  Like everything else we Samoans like, we embrace it, we inject it with our own style and make it our own...a defacto part of our culture.  We Samoans have made it a family celebration with our concerts and social events.  I want to thank Las Vegas 7's CEO, Dan Lyles for giving us a platform on which to build.  But most important, Barry, I am hungry and  I'm busy.  Go get me a plate lunch...chicken, ribs, Mac Salad, and Teriyaki will do.  And by the way, Rhonda said, sell a few papers while waiting in line for my order.  Fa'avave!"  

Thankfully, Dan Lyles, Las Vegas International 7's CEO has granted the Samoa News an exclusive interview tomorrow that will offer his perspective on the Samoan and Polynesian impact on his Las Vegas 7's.   Dan is a highly capped former USA Eagle that the Samoa News has covered during his days at the Hong Kong 7's, on the USA Eagles 15's, and the first ever Hawaii test, where Japan met the USA at Kapiolani Park in a historic battle for the ages.  Seems like PolySwagg and Dan are headed toward a special fusion of effort since a huge part of the Las Vegas Intl. 7's is not only the Polynesian flair on the field, but the four of five Polynesian concerts in and around the 7's.  Its a perfect marriage, but neither have met or know it yet.

My darling wife is all excited about a family reunion in Hawaii this Fall.  Forget that Honey.  We just need to piggyback off Dan Lyles.  If we schedule our family reunions around his Las Vegas Intl. 7's, everyone will show, no need clean the house, they will find their own Vailima, the PolySwagg Concert at only $20 is great wholesome good value entertainment...its the complete package.  Its the essence of "Cool Stuff"...let Dan do all the organizing and we just ai afu.  The wives are happy, with or without us around.  And we all have Manu Samoa. 

Call PolySwagg's Myrna Pili at 702.569.4455, or email her at for more least more than I will ever get.