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Cool Stuff: PhotosinfoPro, HK7's Prep 4

Manu Samoa action images from Hong Kong are a physical and procedural drama to get them to your Samoa News front page.  


I'm not lugging my computer around getting squashed by a few million rail commuters, and then holidaying Euro rugby drunks.   Everyday covering the Hong Kong 7's I take the rail all the way from the Mainland China border (New Territories) to the heart of Hong Kong's Happy Valley.  Yes, Coolios, laptops are heavy and can be crushed in your backpack.  The new plan to get you your daily dose of & fresh?


We are going with the new iPad mini, an app called "PhotoinfosPro", and outrageously cool phone deal called Handy Phone  


At about $9.50 USD per day, you get unlimited internet, hotspot (your own localized wi-fi), a city guide, the kitchen sink, and free Vailima and pizza for life.  So the grand plan is to shoot great Manu Samoa action images, dump what we think is good on the iPad, then edit out the junk, caption and copyright using the "PhotosinfoPro" app, then send the cool images to Patty, Rhonda, and Ryan using the Handy Phone's hotspot from the field.  


Of course it sounds good, but it will take somebody younger & smarter to pull it off. Drum roll please....presenting youngblood techno coolio, Tobin Hamby. Tobin is Samoa News’ Singapore Techno "ringer". Tobin thinks he is going to shoot action 24/7 for 3 days... when in reality, every 3 hours he will be sending images using our aforementioned work flow... or he will be running up the steps to connect to the HK Stadium Press Box wi-fi (old school back up plan).


Back in 1994 my images were slides and I had to use a DHL courier service to get them to New Zealand... almost 20 years ago, wow, guess I am ancient.


This edition of Cool Stuff is coming to you via Inchon, Korea. The cleanest airport in the Universe. Went for Kim Chee Burgers, ended up with Bulgogi and Fe'e on a hot stone pot... only $5 each. I hunted down more Cool Stuff goodies to share, but was frankly disappointed. Now at Gate 10 scanning the horizon for those action shots of those wacky North Korean missiles heading my way. We are safe so far... but they did make a cyberattack on the banks while I was here.


Livin on the edge, for the Coolio Spirit in us all.


And as the Darling Mrs Coolio always reminds me, "If I want your opinion, I will tell you what your opinion is."


Yabaseo ya'll…