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Cool Stuff: Nite Eze, Gear Ties

Nite Eze has always offered affordable goodies that have solved my problems (Maglite head straps, flashlight holsters, etc). Nite Eze Gear Ties were handed to me two years ago by the company to test before public release...and wow...what a perfect product that goes everywhere I go.

Imagine wire tie like products that are reusable, bend into shape, and solve 80% of your travel concerns.  The other  20% for me is how to sneak into first class on the ferry to Savaii or Air Pacific from Honolulu to Apia, and how do I make it home with no money?

Traveling to NZ or Las Vegas and don't want to drag around your jacket? Take the 32" Gear Ties and strap your jacket on your carry on.  Tired of loose sloppy computer or iPod/iPhone cords?  Take a 3" Gear Tie and wrap them up.

Covering Manu Samoa at the USA Sevens and the Hong Kong Sevens the 18” Gear Ties kept my monopod strapped to my precious 511Tactical Moab bag.  This was critical when riding the crowded MTR light rail from the New Territory, Kowloon to Hong Kong Stadium, Hong Kong.

The carbon fiber monopods required to meet 50 pound airline baggage limits are over $300 USD.  Lost my big lens rain cover last trip which is gonna be hard to replace on my two tala a week paycheck (didn't have enough Gear Ties then).

Gear Ties are not only attached to my Goal Zero Solar Panels (to hang them from a branch or car seat), but also to my Guide 10 Plus rechargeable battery pack.

So Gear Ties are like cheap insurance.  Starting around $1.99 (3") to $8.75 (32"), Gear Ties will save your stuff and save your backside.  As I mention every week Patty and Rhonda, lovely taskmasters that they are, become Indiana Jones Temple of Doom demons if I whine that it was raining or I lost my equipment.  As Tom Hanks said in A League of their Own..  “there's no crying in baseball“. Same goes for the Samoa News.

Gear Ties come in two shades of blue, orange, red, black, yellow, desert tan, green, white....yes, the whole rainbow plus more.  Sizes range  3", 8", 12", 18” & 32"

Gear Ties originally could only be found at dedicated outdoor stores like REI. But since they are good for a thousand daily life uses you can find them now at Sports Authority, Home Depot, and Honolulu's favorite City Mill Stores.

If you wander into the Hawaii Kai, Oahu City Mill Store, ask for Sandy.  Sandy is an original Coolio that knows everything ever featured in Cool Stuff, sells most of them, and accepts me with all of my faults.  What a remarkable human being.  What poor pathetic judgement of my character.Cost U Less or have Gear Ties yet for my Coolios?

Somebody may not appreciate this as a gift unless you show them this column, or give them a demonstration.  Why? This product is just too high quality, too versatile, and too fair a’s a Cool Stuff Hall of Fame Natural.