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Cool Stuff: HK Secrets, Green Tea Hawaii

Blame Canada — Did a cool photo shoot of Green Tea Hawaii at the Hong Kong Sevens while kanak Alan Hamilton and I were knocking out killer Manu Samoa action shots for you and the Samoa News.

This column was supposed to be out four months ago. But for some reason, our favorite Canadian rugby guru lost the images. How can you lose images... that’s unforgivable. I wanted to have him shot, hung, and mutilated... but Canadian officials said they do not support capitol punishment and instead force serious offenders like Allan to listen to Justin Beiber tunes 24/7.

Everything claimed by Green Tea Hawaii worked for me. During Hong Kong Sevens marathon shooting sessions, I would drop half a packet in a water bottle which suppressed my hunger and kept my energy level up. I did half packets because a full was just a little to sweet for my usual South Pacific tastes. Luckily, it means my Green Tea Hawaii supply goes twice as far.

My favorite is the original basic green tea flavor offering. But to change things up you could try their Pineapple Strawberry, Raspberry Lemonade, or just released POG flavored versions. Or take a walk on the wild side like we old guys do & have Mapu at Maliu Mai Resort slip a little vodka or rum into it.

Happily, the weight loss claim seemed to bear true during the USA Sevens where I lost three pounds.

One of the sweeteners now incorporates is Stevia... a natural and, word on the street, probably healthier alternative to Equal or Sweet & Low.

Green Tea Hawaii besides being a travel essential, has hooked up with Hydroflask (an official past Cool Stuff column Coolio sure pick) to combine the offering. Green Tea Hawaii in a Hydroflask (24 hours cold, 12 hours hot) is a perfect marriage.

Getting stuck between flights, all soda'ed out, or just being cheap, Green Tea Hawaii will keep we Coolios hydrated, happy, with extra tala in your pocket (we don't embrace airport food prices outside of Tafuna, do we?). Check their site & deals on their website