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Cool Stuff: Goal Zero, Lighthouse 250, Nomad 7

Goal Zero is a very special company. Within hours of storm damage in the Philippines, the management was inquiring ways to ship gratis product to help Filipino victims in Tacloban. Here in Hawaii, we were Relief Central, due to our large proud Filipino Community and our well prepared military.


I was on call to also go if Goal Zero needed to route their critical relief supplies through Hawaii, if their anticipated distribution plans didn't work out. My experiences in the Solomon Islands, Samoas' and Manua cyclones/tsunamis has highlighted my past deficiencies and given me the proper mindset to deal with devastation and the tragic loss of life. If called upon, I would have taught how to use these unselfishly donated products. Preparedness is always a big part of that mindset... Goal Zero and other fine companies have taught me well.


Goal Zero's product line is critical because emergency power can help facilitate communication, and light can help provide safety. There is no sugar coating that survivors in Tacloban were being robbed and molested. Bad guys are like cockroaches, they run from the light.


Having the Lighthouse 250 dual prime capabilities of providing light and serving as a micro generator are critical. Communication... how many of American Samoa's hardworking Filipino Community members took a while to hear from their loved ones back home?


Remember, just a few short years ago we had to rely on kerosene or Coleman lanterns? No more. No fuel is required, as Goal Zero products are safe everywhere... indoors, in tents, vehicles and boats. No heat, no sweating, no namu attraction.


The $79 Lighthouse 250 was recently released to rave reviews. You Coolios know Cool Stuff was there three months ago to test out a protoype. Thumbs up all the way, as they are tough, and pack-away quite small. I believe in this product so much, I own two, and will take one in my bags to the Tokyo and Hong Kong Sevens. No Tokyo earthquake or Hong Kong typhoon will interrupt our dynamic coverage of our beloved Manu Samoa or Talavalu. The new generation small inexpensive Nomad 7 solar panel ($79) supports the Lighthouse 250 perfectly as both are creations of absolute perfection.


Buy all of Goal Zero's products direct at I know of a few already preciously stowed away in Amerika Samoa.


Every one of us connected to Samoan lost relatives in the 2009 Tsunami. In my Samoa News travel assignments throughout the US, American Filipino communities experienced the same loss and heartbreak. We know, we feel, we care. Soifua