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Cool Stuff: ESEE Recovery Bag for smart travel

Nobody travels as smart as we in the islands.   But now with airline weight limits down from 70lbs to 50lbs, and fees for everything including luggage going up, up, up...thanks to our friends from Randall Adventure Training (ESEE) we will again beat our insufferable increasing costs.  Drum roll please....welcome to the ESEE Recovery Bag...the do everything, magic bag.


The Recovery Bag,, is the less than a one pound bag that you will stuff empty in your roller check in bag, or roll up and carry on the plane.   We want to bring stuff in from overseas when we travel.  Other than Koko Samoa, your Umu Pack, and some lava lavas...our departing travel gear is very light...we buy new clothes when we get there...we bring back ipads, cameras, and computers....even though we should buy everything on island, sometimes when we shop with relatives, who kindly pick up the bill.  Love those relatives...until they show up at my house for reciprocation.


The Recovery Bag will help you travel with one bag or no bag, while allowing you to pull it out and fill it up when needed.  If you don't have much, it will conform to fit as on board carry on.  If you have plenty, it will carry heaps of gear and will be tough enough to survive bag handlers who sometimes have a tendency to toss our luggage around (I have seen it).   Jumping into a taxi from the airport?  After you load your main luggage, the nifty Recovery Bag fits in those left over corner spaces under the trunk hinges.  


The history of the Recovery Bag is quite remarkable.  Its origins are from our heroic DEA chasing down bad boy cocaine cartels in Columbia.  Tossing gear from helicopters to jeeps, to boats, to donkeys, to jets, the DEA assisted by ESEE owners Jeff Randall/Mike Perrin...these righteous usos have put the Recovery Bag through serious jungle adventures...which is akin to our weekend trips to the family talo plantation of my Savaii clan.   While the Recovery Bag is rough and tumble ready, a minor tweak would be to spray the exterior with a silicone water repellent product.  In the Territory, our always helpful local hardware stores will surely have the repellent in stock for just a few tala.


ESEE's owners appreciate American Samoa's standing as the highest per capita active duty Americans serving in the military.  Mike Perrin proudly advised me that the Recovery Bag, down to its threads are fully USA materials and manufacture.  This matters to government purchases and application by our military men and women out in the field.  The Recovery Bag is USA strong, like our Toa Samoa.  So buy two today, one for you and one for your active duty niece or nephew.  It will be a valued resource that they will cherish.  Its $80 price is well worth every sene. 


Whether its USA 7's, Tokyo 7's, Hong Kong 7's, or Blue Sky Marist 7's...if it's not my good ole Canadian Tilly Hat, its my ESEE hat pictured above on the Recovery Bag.  The hat is comfy, allows for alternate patches, infrared reflectors, has great airflow, etc.  Add that to your ESEE order, and you will look like part of the Samoa News "Gang of Four" Hong Kong 7's Team, as we help you polish off that case of Vailima Beer you are bringing to celebrate Talavalu's historic debut.


ESEE/Randall Adventure Training....the absolute sili ona lelei products for us, and they never even knew it.