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Cool Stuff: DOSS Bluetooth Speaker

One of the absolute must things when you cover our Manu Samoa around the planet is to save $50 per trip to spend on something special for yourself.

My USA Eagle buddy and pal photographer, Alan Hamilton, would... and I saw him do it, spend it after the day's work on pints and pints of beer in his European buddy's crazy Hong Kong bar (from which I have bizarre ring toss photos and vids that will never make it out of the Samoa News newsroom).

Hong Kong offers gourmet food at all price points, yup 75 cents on up. So coupled with my appreciation of the low end street food, and the fact that my Hyatt Regency Sha Tin hotel provided an all you can eat magnificent spread every morning (to be covered in Cool Stuff later)... I didn't have to cough up my precious $50 on food.

So what did I get for myself?

Wow laulau, I got the coolest, best quality, most fair price bluetooth speaker in the universe. Took my $50 on my last night in Kowloon to the Night Market on Temple St., Yaumatei, where it is an energetic buzz til about 11pm, every night.

What do they have at the Night Market? No, what don't they have at the Night Market? Zipping through swapmeetesque booths of electronics, lighters, kitchen supplies, knives, dresses, Nazi patches, iPhone cases, hats, dresses, t-shirts, cameras, tablet computers... I met these very nice people at the Telephone Shop (betng@work).

My guy there, Thomas, was refreshingly honest, cut to the chase on price and sold me a DOSS Asimom DS-1042 2” bluetooth speaker that works with my iPhone, my iPad, and my Macbook Pro. At only $33 for my speaker, I had $17 to do the real right thing, which was to buy my mom a beautiful lace shawl. My priorities are sure screwed up, why didn't I shop for my Mom first? Bad palagi, bad palagi.

Every morning when I get up I check my e-mail to check instructions (actually assertive orders) from Rhonda, Patty, and Fili to see what they want me to do that day. If I am lucky, I don't hear from them, yet before I make it out the front door my dearest darlingest wife says, "Get your sorry self into the kitchen and do the dishes, mop the floor and cook me some polesi."

I used to complain, but that gets me nowhere... and she won't cook her magnificent fasi i'a fa'a New Zealand for me. So, since I am a slave to my stomach, I now take my cool DOSS Bluetooth speaker, set my iPhone app to KHJ American Samoa and listen to drive time radio, rock out while getting my feaus done.

For you, you can keep your little DOSS in your backpack and whip it out at Lion's Park, or the Maketi Fogatogo for an instant party. You can even play karaoke songs (minus vocal tracks) for your own Karaoke Night, anytime, anywhere. I found this website on the box which is either the manufacturer or distributor for DOSS

If my unit is an example of their overall quality I suggest you trust them and go for one like mine or better.

Doing the US Mainland graduation tour this spring for both my daughter (BYU, Utah) and my son (USC, LA), I brought my DOSS speaker with me. While flirting with that humble concept of tautua for my fa'a aiga, I washed dishes for a few weeks at their Hina mo Sinilau Tongan/Samoan restaurant in Taylorsville, Utah. The DOSS speaker kept me going through all that behind the scenes drama that goes on in the kitchen of every family restaurant. And yes, the cooks, my uncle the owner... everybody sure wanted my DOSS.

Saw an aitu Tutuila out of the past eating up front at the Hina mo Sinilau while I was setting up the salad bar. More than a ghost, this guy is a former relative of mine. Yessiree, Jim Blankenship, was extremely surprised to see me. When he asked what I was doing, I told him that I was working there and if I was a good boy they promised to get me a "Green Card".

I don't think he got my poor taste in humor. But Jim did say, he really likes and appreciates Governor Togiola Tulafono, his former attorney. He said his kids are doing well, one I think may be a Navy Seal, and said he was doing interiors on fast food restaurants (Burger King?).

So two days ago Dog Chapman and family invoked sympathy and assistance from the FBI after receiving threatening e-mails, then the A&E Network cancels them the next day. The first situation is absolutely unacceptable; the second situation is the reality we all face in these days of economic uncertainty.  

The last I saw and spoke to Beth and Dog Chapman was at the opening of their Hawaii Kai store. Wonder if that store will exist with the show cancellation or if it can survive piggybacking off of 8 seasons of re-runs. You buy the Vailima and I will tell you about my last few words with Beth and Dog. Only the Chapmans and the Khardashians can profit off of dysfunctional family behavior that we would be too embarrassed to share.

DOSS baby! Father's Day is coming so get one for yourself, Dad and your Coolio Grandpa today.