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Cool Stuff: CRKT Personal Defense Light

Cool Stuff was asked to present some of the concepts and techno geek goodies, that all you Samoa News Coolio readers know and enjoy weekly to a lady's church group.  


No Vailima that night. But my first hand account of the resilience of Manu’a people after Super Cyclone Olaf, and Tutuila's response to the deadly Tsunami touched the attendees deeply. They really want to be proactively ready for no electricity, no drinking water, no cooking capabilities, possible looting problems, required evacuation, etc. Samoa has unfortunately experienced too much of the above in recent times.


At the meeting, a prominent semi-retired Hawaii motion picture/ TV Casting Director asked me to put together an Emergency "Go" Bag. Let’s start with my recommended flashlight.


CRKT's Personal Defense Flashlight, designed by James Williams gives you multiple low to high lumens of light intensity in a simple one rear cap push button. The simplicity is why I recommend this light... some modern hi-tech lights require an engineering degree to figure out.  When a drama or simple power outage hits, your mind goes into tunnel vision mode.  You crave simple.


At 4.26" and only 2.9 ounces, this light is an EDC (Every Day Carry) pocket light, not just a bag stash light. And to protect yourself without a weapon in difficult times, pop out the bezel a click, push the rubber rear switch twice and you will launch 320 relentless blinding lumens in strobe form that will visually disable any size aggressor.


CRKT's Personal Defense Flashlight isn't cheap at $64.95 (list $99).  But I'd rather pay for one solid light that always works and may save my life, than a bunch of cheapos guaranteed to fail real soon.


Certain companies are on my list for more than just their quality and innovation and CRKT is one of them.


They are an outdoor company providing superior dependability and very fair prices. The CEO of CRKT is a very nice sophisticated lady, who has gathered designer folks like our buddy Ken Onion, Eat 'N Tool designer Liong Mah, and others including Flavio Imoma, MJ Lerch, Tom Veff, Hall of Famer A.G Russell, Michael & Baltazar Martinez, unconentionalist Allen Elishewitz, James Williams and heaps more. I've met several of these folks and am happy to report they seem like a caring family. The lady CEO seems to have their respect and deserves credit for CRKT's growing success.


You will never regret a dime you pay for a CRKT product: functional, elegant, and darn tough. Cool Stuff approved for our Coolio Universe