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Cool Stuff: Coldpruf — Islander Travel Must

Last year in Las Vegas at an outdoor trade show demonstration it was 24 degrees, with icy winds creating a near zero chill factor. I kept wanting to buy Coldpruf bottoms, but Vailima and those $9 juicy Vegas Prime Rib dinners kept Coldpruf a second priority. No more after last year. It was so cold that my pant legs stung the back of my legs with every step.


We cannot live in that world, as even Hawai’i tradewinds seem cold to us after a 6a.m. South Pacific Hawaiian Airlines arrival. This year at the USA 7's I hung in the chilly nights covering every Manu Samoa pass, thanks to my $19 Coldpruf Performance long underwear. For the Tokyo Sevens I have stepped up my game to the highest Extreme Performance series.


Why are Coldpruf bottoms and tops the perfect Coolio must have?


Firstly they work wonderfully without chaffing or cutting off circulation. The sizing is truly American, perfect for that large Samoan body headed off to the Wellington or Tokyo Sevens. When it warmed up at the USA Sevens, I found Coldpruf to absorb sweat and insulate from the heat. Coldpruf products are multi layered to trap body heat, anti-microbial, and with waistbands that standup to multiple washings.


With colds rampant in North America, and flu taking off again in Asia, you must proactively take the initiative to take care of yourself. Walking Pneumonia is an unnecessary three month debilitating ordeal. Win with Coldpruf, while we win with Manu Samoa and Talavalu.