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Cool Stuff: Blaze Defog

110 degrees in Mesa, Arizona and I am looking for Pooch and our American Samoa football boys enroute to Arizona State.  Heck, can't find them, so I am off to the Mesa Gun Show for my wife.

For my wife, you ask? Yup, every Utah, Nevada, or Arizona Gun Show I have ever been to always has Native American jewelry. So I walk in, score the right size turquoise stone silver ring at the magic price. Please don't tell her I got a deal... you make sure when you bump into her you say, "Wow, what a wonderful husband, goes to a gun show and spends all his tala on you.."

A guy grabs me, not knowing I really am mativa after scoring the ring and says "Hey buddy, want a free sunglass cleaning?" Let me see, its free, and he tells me it does a whole lot more. It slices, it dices, it... sorry wrong product.

So he rubs this Blaze wax looking stuff over my lenses and hokus pocus who's your daddy... my sunglasses were like new, crystal clear, no haze, no scratches. Then the squeeze was on, "Twenty bucks and I will give you the whole kit that includes the wax, the Blaze drops, the spray, the special cloth. Come on man, you got twenty bucks?"

Well, I would have gone for it if my Samoa News siliva arrived last weekend. So he cut to the chase. "Five bucks and the little drip bottle of Blaze is yours." I went for it.

This stuff is going to be great on some of our Cool Stuff Classics. It is definitely going on the Drift 170, GoPro Hero 2, my Canon 7D lenses, and all my cool and groovy glasses, dive masks, iPhone waterproof cases, etc, etc.

Stepped outside the air conditioned gun show back into the 110 degree heat and Blaze proved to be true to its claims. This should be the same situation, but with a gazzilion more percentages of humidity coming out of a Nu'uuli faleaiga out to the car. Or from your rich uncle's car, when he tosses us out at the bus stop. Or Mapu Jamais' Maliumai Resort guest rooms out to this vaipuga Vailima bar. Or, and most importantly, from the Samoa News office when you go there to place your kinda almost guaranteed to sell, classified ads.

My biggest drama with foggy lenses was that in the beautiful Solomon Islands, where I shot inside their top notch Noro tuna cannery's deep freeze first, then shot the rest of the facility. Dumb, dumb, dumb. I learned a big time lesson, that Blaze will help bail me out of in the future... if I am stupid again, or get ordered to shoot in the wrong order and have no choice.

Coolio Rule #53, shoot warm to cold, not vice versa.

Check out Blaze's website, where everything appears to be $10 each, with the deluxe kit at $24. If you have to go online, the kit seems to be the way to go.

Still chasing our Pago football kids around the Mainland. Currently I am in Las Vegas, checked every all-you-can-eat sushi joint and only found football legend, Frank Manumaleuga. Unfortunately everything I ordered was uma pisupo, because brother Frank had cleaned them out. Frank laughed, "Take your Coolio self out to Golden Corral, maybe the football tamaiti are there and left you a few crumbs." Thanks Frank.

My Las Vegas departure in a few days will result in some really good news in an upcoming Cool Stuff. Some of your elected leaders know where I am at, what I am covering, and how it may positively affect your short term and hopefully long term future. Nice in this instance, that without a doubt, political guys are clearly looking out for you. Elected officials as caring Coolios... could that be for reals... just might be.

Coolio on ya'll!