Youth conference set for July 22-23


To coincide with Youth Month, the Department of Youth and Women’s Affairs (DYWA) will be hosting a Youth Conference on July 22-23 where local young people will have the chance to hear and talk about current social issues, including the rise in crimes like theft, public peace disturbance, underage drinking and burglary — all involving local youth.

DYWA Deputy Director Tapumanaia Galu Satele Jr., is hopeful that not only youth, but also parents and community leaders will be attendance. An official list of facilitators and guest speakers for the conference are yet to be announced, although Tapumanaia says they want a variety so different views can be discussed and heard.

He said there are many parents who try to be friends with their kids, giving them things they think the kids want and need. He said adults, specifically parents, have failed to realize that people are different and just because they think they know what their kids want and/or need, they couldn’t be more wrong.


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