The Samoana High School Sharks Varsity and Junior Varsity teams are gearing up for this year’s 2014-2015 American Samoa High School Athletic Association football season. The Varsity team will be looking to make it back to the finals this year after losing in finals last season to the Tafuna Warriors. [photo: Jeff Hayner]

This season, the Samoana High School Varsity football team, led by the versatile Head Coach Sila Samuelu, will be looking to have a repeat from last season of the American Samoa High School Athletics Association football season — that is, to make it to the Championship game — only this time, to take the title home to Sharkville.
As noted, there will be only five teams suiting up in the Varsity Division — the Tafuna Warriors, Samoana Sharks, Faga’itua Vikings, Leone Lions and the Nu’uuli VocTech Wildcats. The four Junior Varsity teams are the same as last season, which are the Leone Lions, Tafuna Warriors, Faga’itua Vikings and the Samoana Sharks.
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This year, the Sharks are being led by Senior classman, quarterback Faauuga Naiuli and are looking to put points on the board this season through teamwork and a strong offensive line. Their strategy is simple: With a strong offensive line, Naiuli should have enough protection to find his receivers and score, while teamwork will allow each part of the team to perform when needed, and perform well.
“We have been working out since February but without contact until recently. We want to make it to the playoffs again this season and hopefully get back to the finals,” said Samuelu. “Our strength is in our offense. But at the same time, you have to spread everything out if you want a complete team. We do not want to overlook one area and/ or spend too much time on another. We have to have a balance so that we can rely on each part of the team when the time comes for them to perform,” he explained.
“I always tell my players, all that I ask of you is to listen and always try your very best each time you step onto the field, so that way, win or lose, you know that you gave it your all,” the head coach said.
“I want to wish the rest of the teams the best of luck this season and thank all of those that helped out, especially my coaching staff and the parents of the players. Thank you all very much,” said Samuelu.
The Junior Varsity Sharks, at this time are looking at a very small team this year and may barely have enough to field a team. Last season, the JV Sharks finished last in the division, winning only one game. It appears at this time, that they just may have a repeat performance this season.


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