Review of director’s contracts to begin in Sept 2014

Keeping their positions are performance based, says Governor

“Continuation of your contract will depend on the decision of the Lieutenant Governor and I based primarily on your performance,” said Governor Lolo Matalasi Moliga to his directors and agency heads, as the two-year review of their “at will” contracts begins, with the date of Sept. 30, 2014 given as when reports are due to initiate review of their performance.
Lolo stated that these reports are confidential and will be discussed personally with each director and agency head.
In a letter sent directly to each director dated June 8, 2014, the governor pointed out that the central operating theme of the Lolo and Lemanu Administration is “thinking outside the box” and challenging the “status quo” with regards to their commitment to serving the people to the best of “our God given talents and abilities.”
“This type of bold thinking inspired and compelled the decision to transcend conventional political expectation of confining the selection of the cabinet to only those who were active political supporters.”
The governor further stated that this same audacious spirit forged the decision to demand specific deliverables form each director and agency head to be used as the basis to assess their leadership performance.
“All your contracts are ‘at will’ and I have indicated to you at the onset that your contract will be reviewed at the close of the second year of our administration. Accordingly, you are to spend time on details for my and Lieutenant Governor’s review of what you deem to be your significant accomplishments on how your agency has positively improved and impacted the lives of our people.”
The governor noted that he does expect standard agency reports that have been submitted on a monthly and quarterly basis. “I expect an honest self-assessment of your performances supported by quantifiable and measurable outcomes.”
Lolo said, moreover he will expect to receive from them “how you will improve the services of your agency for the remaining two years of our administration.”
He said in essence he wants to receive “quantifiable and measurable deliverables” to be accomplished in the third and fourth year.
The directors and agency heads were told to be succinct and precise with their reports, which are to be due on Sept. 30, 2014, addressed and directed to the governor, in a sealed envelope.
“I expect that you are thoroughly familiar with your agency and mandate, this affording you the ability to assess your performance and that of your agency,” he stated.
Governor Lolo also urged the Directors to contact him directly if they are unclear of the intent of this exercise.


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