2014 Oceania Wrestling Championship: Greco-Roman wrestling

[photo: Jeff Hayner]

American Samoa Wrestler John Scanlan (right) competes against Matthew Downes of New Zealand yesterday in Greco-Roman wrestling in the 58kg class during the 2014 Oceania Wrestling Championship at the Gov. H. Rex Lee Auditorium. This match, in the Junior Category, had Downes taking the victory by a score of 11-2.
Read the results of yesterday’s matches in tomorrow’s Samoa News sports edition.
Today beginning at 10 a.m. will be the Men’s Free-Style matches held at the same venue. The two events, the 2014 YOG qualifiers and the 2014 Oceania Wrestling Championship tourney are hosted for the first time in the territory by the American Samoa Wrestling Association.
Samoa News wishes all participants, officials and guests for the events a memorable stay in the territory and a safe return to their homelands. The events are scheduled to end tomorrow, Saturday, with Beach Wrestling and the award ceremonies.


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