Aua 6th graders soar with high-tech

Aua Elementary students using geoboards and connecting it with their work online so they can compare and gain other information regarding their assigned task. [photo: Elaine Malae]

Aua Elementary has gone high-tech, as the Sixth graders of Aua School have shown. They have been using the DOE Moodle (Module Object Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment) online program for Math, and all 56 students have a Moodle account.

Each day they log into their Moodle and check for updates, grades, instructions, messages from instructor or their peers or simply correct and submit their homework. Using this program for my students just makes things easier in terms of having students be accountable for their own learning and I can link directly to the resource or website that pertains to the lesson for the day.

One student, Lindsay Uti, traveled to the mainland for medical reasons and through Moodle she can access her account anytime. She does her homework online and chats with her peers whenever possible.  I also downloaded Skype on one computer and she logs on during her math session and participates in class discussion, or simply interacts with her classmates. For our part we are letting her know she is not alone and wishing her a safe return after her checkup.

According to students, Cyrus Matina, Faavae Vivao moodle “ makes homework easier and grades readily available so we can improve as we go on.”

Using this technology —the Moodle program— has really made students more attentive to their detailed work when they submit their homework. Students Tamara Makalio , Selestina Scanlan and Sapati Mose expressed that moodle helps them to look at math in a whole new different way such as there are so much more resources available to them when they go through the websites.   

Another tool being used is “ELMO” — a teaching tool that is a digital or analog presentation device that enables you to project anything you put in its camera’s view. This tool is used at the current moment in reading and writing. For example, it is used for procedural things like how to create and format a proper heading for their research work, for writing in improving and getting a class discussion going using the writing rubric.

These are just a few of the ways technology is being integrated into the existing curriculum at Aua Elementary.


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