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Interesting match ups for the 4th week of the ASHSAA ‘13 football season began Thursday evening with the war between the Lions and the Stallions, and then it was on to the “Battle of the East” between the Sharks and the Vikings in both divisions, and finally concluding with a double header on Saturday with the Warriors JV losing to the Lions, who are now undefeated in their division, as Tafuna’s Varsity squad seems to be focusing on trying to reach 100 points per game.


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Lions 38-Stallions 16


This match up was by far the best game Kanana Fou has played since the season started, as they made their own personal record during their match against the Lions, and it was their first game with the most scored points for the season.

The majority of the time Kanana Fou records a loss in a game, they score only one or two touchdowns; but during the battle against the Lions, the Stallions really showed improvement and determination in trying to record at a win in this season.


The Leone Lions on the other hand never gave in. The Lions had a hard time against O’Brien and Dalle of the Stallions in the first half of the game, but they managed to get past it and clinch the victory with a score of 38-16.


Samoana Sharks 34 - Fagaitua Vikings 16


Samoana’s offensive line finally showed up to play last Friday evening, and handed the Vikings a big loss. Fagaitua continuously ran their no-huddle offense, but it didn’t work very well with the Sharks coming from every direction.

Samoa News has selected Samoana’s senior running back Faletagaloa Silao as the Player of the Week after he dominated the Vikings’ defense alone with a remarkable performance for the ASHSAA play book.


Tafuna 66 - Marist 0


There is no telling what Tafuna High School’s football program is aiming for, but Samoa News understands it as a goal-chasing journey. Tafuna is not only dominating the Varsity division, but they are trying to set a record of 100 or more points in a football game for this season.


On their first play of the game after the opening kick off from Marist, Frank Mauigoa (the Junior sensation) sent a deep one to the end zone for Tafuna’s first touchdown of the game; and with just 2:10 remaining in the first quarter, the Warriors were already up 46-0, past the Mercy Rule marker before the second quarter of the game.


Needless to say, the Warriors scored a few more during the second half and walked away with a 66-0 victory. But it wasn’t a peaceful, handshaking conclusion to the match. At 6:12 of the 4th quarter, Samoa News witnessed a brawl near Tafuna’s sideline that forced ASHSAA officials to stop the game.


Samoa News understands ASHSAA officials will be meeting today to render a decision on the matter.




Samoana 16 - Fagaitua 42


The Vikings are sure making up for their past losses, after defeating the Sharks this past Friday evening in a dominating game. Fagaitua’s Samuel Taliva’a gave Samoana’s defense a hard time, as well as Lagima and Fano who helped their team to a big win.


Leone 32 - Tafuna 12


Samoa News records that three JV teams are all tied with 2 losses each and 1 win, so currently, the Leone Lions are the only undefeated JV squad in the league. And if no one can do anything about the wrath of Folasa Vili — combined with Pritchard and Fereti — they are already looking to be this year’s title claimer.






Week #4


Samoa News has selected Samoana High School’s Senior Running Back Faletagaloa Silao #25 who racked up over 200 rushing yards, 2 touchdown conversions, 11 first down situations on 18 carries, and 2 two-point conversion appearances to top this weekend’s football action and win a big one for the Samoana Sharks.

Silao has been an outstanding player for the Sharks since his freshman year. Now a senior, he is still playing running back, and is already performing at a Division I College level.




Samoa News selects for the second time in a row, Leone High School’s Folasa “Frost” Vili who led the Lions in their comeback win against the Warriors last Saturday.

Folasa racked up over 200 rushing yards, 8 first down situations on 5 carries, 3 completed passes for gains, 13 solo tackles, 12 assists and 1 punt return for a touchdown. Frost scored 2 touchdowns for the Lions.