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Chamber leader agrees with ASBA president: reforms needed to revive entrepreneurs

Chamber of Commerce chairman David Robinson says he agrees with \some of the sentiments expressed\ by Sean Morrison, president of the American Samoa Bar Association who called for the revival of entrepreneurship as the territory is faced with a weak economy, and drastic cuts in federal funding.Morrison said American Samoa is rife with opportunities for the entrepreneur and cited tourism as a prime example. He said the Bar's Legal Reform Committee is now reviewing the laws relating to business and commerce, to see if there's a way to modify the laws in such a way as to bring business back to life in the territory. (See Thursday's edition in Letters to the Editor for more details on Morrison's comments.)Robinson told Samoa News late last week that reforms are necessary to provide a \suitable environment for entrepreneurship to flourish\.He points to the June 2008 Report on Policy Reform produced by the Governor's Economic Advisory Council (EAC) where reference was made on the need to \implement reforms in the current corporate and personal tax code