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AS Chamber to host candidates at meetings and organize Candidate Forum

The Chamber of Commerce has extended an invitation to the candidates running for governor to separately address the American Samoa Chamber members at special meetings to be held between now and election day.

Chairman David Robinson said the 80+ members of the Chamber of Commerce would like to hear from the candidates directly concerning their plans for improving the business climate in the territory. The meetings will be open to the general public.

He also said that the Chamber will be organizing one or more forums where all the candidates will be asked to debate matters of concern to the business community and the general public.

Chamber vice-chair Lewis Wolman is in the early stages of planning the forum (or forums) and is looking forward to a televised event that will focus on economic development, government finance, immigration and other issues that affect the private sector.

The Chamber is a non-partisan organization dedicated to supporting the private sector in American Samoa and promoting economic growth and development.

Source: Chamber of Commerce media release