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Chamber of Commerce pushes Business Award Banquet to January

With many local events happening in the territory over the next several days including the Miss South Pacific Pageant, the Chamber of Commerce has decided to move their annual business award night to the end of January in the new year.

The annual business award banquet, which is usually held late in the year in line with the Christmas holiday, is the highlight of the business organization’s year, and the event is a time which gives the governor the opportunity to deliver a speech to members of the private sector.

It is also a time when awards are handed out in specific categories, such as the Young Business Person Award; Businesswoman of the Year; Businessman of the Year and New Business Award.

This year’s was to be the fifth business award banquet and was planned several months ago to be held sometime at the beginning of December. However, it has been changed.

“We have postponed the awards night until the end of January as there has been too much going on in the territory,” Chamber chairman David Robinson told Samoa News responding to inquiries.

Robinson noted that some of the many events held in the territory include the 2012 general election followed by the run off election in the gubernatorial race, and then the McDonald’s Miss South Pacific 2012 to be held here next week, the two-day Ulu Summit which opens next Wednesday, and a two-day 3rd Annual Non-Communicable Disease bilateral summit between Samoa and American Samoa, which opens today at the Gov. H. Rex Lee Auditorium.

Meanwhile, next Wednesday, Robinson will address the general membership meeting of the Chamber as their outgoing leader, highlighting the organization’s events and accomplishments over the past 12 months. One point that is expected to be raised by Robinson, is the Chamber-ASG partnership in working together with the Indonesian government for trade and other economic activities.

Robinson could also address the status of the local economy this year and his forecast for next year. One issue of importance to the Chamber chairman is the next minimum wage hike, which was due Sept. 30th this year, but has been delayed to 2015.

Also taking place during the membership meeting will be the nomination and election of the seven member board of directors, according to a notice sent out to Chamber members.

“Make sure your voice is heard in the coming year,” the notice says.

Robinson told Samoa News that he plans to run again for office, as a member of the board of directors, and for the post of chairman.