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All DOE offices now online with LDS, except ECE, which is in progress

DOE leaders say LDS data system integral for improving education

Education Department officials have emphasized the importance of data collection on student performance and achievements, as well as teacher attendance and classroom teaching, because such data is needed not only by the federal government but also by ASDOE to take the steps necessary to improve the public education system.

Sports Shorts


Registration is still open for those interested in being part of the 2016 Little League Summer Program, hosted by the American Samoa Baseball Association (ASBA) in collaboration with the Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR).
The program is open to all youngsters — boys and girls — between 5 and 18 years old. Proof of age, such as a copy of the child’s birth certificate, is required to complete the registration form.

Police not ruling out homicide in church hall death

The Police are not ruling out homicide as they continue their investigation to determine what happened to a fa’afafine who was found dead at a church hall in Taufusi last week.

This was confirmed by the Spokesperson for the Ministry of Police, Maotaoali’i Kaioneta Kitiona, during a press conference yesterday.

“We have not ruled out homicide in the death of this 19-year-old,” he said. “There were injuries on his body which we are investigating at this stage.”

Maotaoali’i confirmed that they have interviewed some people but no one has been charged.

New Matautu cannery in the pipelines for Samoa

Source: Samoa govt media release

The government has given the green light to the Huanan Fisheries (Samoa) Company Ltd to start operations in Samoa.

Now a Samoa registered company, Huanan with a fleet of 50 longliners has immediately started utilizing the Matautu Wharf as a transshipment port for the company’s fleets to supply their markets in Asia.

And that’s just for starters; the investors have already engaged with the appropriate government officials to initiate negotiations for a fish processing plant at Matautu and eyeing the Aleipata Wharf/Slipway as part of their long-term investment in Samoa.

Tala otooto mai le Fa’amasinoga


E 67 aso lea ua poloa’i e le fa’amasinoga maualuga le ali’i o Jared Kupu na te tuliina i le toese i Tafuna, ina ua fa’amaonia tu’uaiga fa’asaga ia te ia, i lona le usita’i lea i poloaiga o lana nofovaavaaia sa tu’uina atu e le fa’amasinoga.


O le aso 2 Iulai, 2016 ua fa’atulaga e le Amerika Samoa National Olympic Committee (ASNOC) ma ua pa’aga ma le  Matagaluega o Tupulaga ma Tina e taumafaia ai se faiga fou i le olaga fa’amalositino ina ia fa’aitiitia ai le so’ona mamafa o tino, maua’a i le soifua maloloina lelei, ae maise o le avea ai ma se tasi e faigofie ona fa’atino so’o se tiute fai i aso ta’itasi.

ASG website MIA


Over the past week, Samoa News has received numerous telephone calls and email messages from local residents and Samoans living off island, wanting to know if the American Samoa Government (ASG) has an alternate website, as the <americansamoa.gov> website account has been suspended.


To date: 14 pregnant women test positive for Zika virus

DOH outreach services are ongoing and free

As of yesterday, a total of 29 local residents have already tested positive for the Zika virus. Of that number, fourteen are pregnant women.
Those expectant mothers are now considered “high risk” and the Department of Health (DOH) will continue to monitor them closely as they near delivery.

Samoa Police Beat


“A violent act against the Police Commissioner is an act against the entire Police Service,” said one Senior Police Officer who is furious with an incident that occurred in the county of Lea’Ana Samoa where the Commissioner’s vehicle was struck with a rock,  shattering the window of the driver.

Aumua announces $250,000 grant for healthcare in AS

Source: Media Release, Aumua Amata's office

Washington, D.C. — Congresswoman Aumua Amata announced Thursday that the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) Grant Service Office has issued $250,000 in discretionary funds to the American Samoa Department of Health as part of the Pacific Basin Program.

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