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Co-defendants in Gold Conda robbery to be sentenced today

Asst. AG asks for maximum allowable sentence for crime

Assistant Attorney General Tyler Danzel has recommended to Chief Justice Michael Kruse to hand down the maximum allowable sentence under the law for Samuel Wright, one of the three defendants in the robbery of the Gold Conda store in Faga’alu back in May, 2014 — at gun point — that left the cashier shaken. Wright’s sentencing was scheduled for last week, Friday; however, it was rescheduled for this morning so he can be sentenced together with co-defendant Alatuna Simi.

Local political parties rally behind national candidates


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  • ASCC awards Spring 2016 in-house scholarships

    The Division of Student Services at the American Samoa Community College (ASCC) announced this week the recipients for the spring 2016 semester of the College’s two In-House Scholarships. In addition to recognizing outstanding academic performance, these scholarships also offer support to scholars who do not qualify for the federal PELL Grant or other financial aid resources available to most students in the Territory.

    Fesiligia Vesi fa’aiuga LBJ fa’asaga ia Dr. Ivy Clemente


    Ua fesiligia e le Ta’ita’ifono o le Kommiti o le Soifua Maloloina/LBJ a le maota o sui, afioga Vesi Talalelei Fautanu Jr le fa’aiuga ua faia e sui sinia o le Falema’i i Faga’alu, le LBJ, e taofia ai le toe fa’afouina o le konekarate a se foma’i ua loa lana tautua i Amerika Samoa ia Dr. Ivy Clemente.
    O Dr. Clement sa avea ma Fa’atonu o le vaega a le Laboratory a le LBJ, lea sa la galulue soosoo tauau ai ma le foma’i ia Dr. Amor Gonzales.



    Sauni Vaega Tausima’i fa’amanatu 100 tausaga latou tautua


    A o pisi ai uo ma aiga aemaise ai le malo ma le atunu’u atoa e aloaia le tautua a le Vaega o Tausima’i i le vaiaso lenei, ua i ai le fuafuaga a le Fa’alapotopotoga o Vaega Tausima’i i Amerika Samoa, o le a taoto uma polokalame mo le latou vaiaso fa’apitoa lenei e fa’amanatu fa’atasi i le masina o Iulai o le tausaga nei, lea ua fa’amoemoe e fa’amanatu ai le atoaga o le 100 tausaga o le tautua a Vaega Tausima’i i Amerika Samoa.

    Police investigating case of dead man hanging from tree in Futiga


    Police have dismissed rumors that a man was found wrapped in a clear plastic in Futiga, on the road heading to the Aute Bar.
    Instead, Commissioner of Public Safety Save Liauato Tuitele has confirmed that a man was found hanging in a tree and the Criminal Investigation Division is currently investigating the matter. Responding to Samoa News queries, Save explained that unless the police rule out foul play, they have to investigate this matter, similar to any other criminal case they come across.

    Minister of Justice fights to quash warrant of arrest

    The Minister of Justice and Courts Administration, Fa’aolesa Katopau Ainu’u, is seeking to quash an outstanding warrant of arrest against him in American Samoa.

    The warrant of arrest for Fa’aolesa was issued in 2008 containing a number of allegations, in relation to his handling of a client.

    In a telephone interview with the Samoa Observer yesterday, the Minister said his lawyer in the territory is working on his case. He did not say who his lawyer was.

    “My lawyer will submit a motion to quash the warrant,” he said.

    What’s the most littered item? Ask Keep American Samoa Beautiful groups

    Source: Media Release, AS-EPA

    The American Samoa Environmental Protection Agency (AS-EPA) began 2016 by “kicking off” its Keep American Samoa Beautiful (KASB) program which has drawn public support from villages and church groups, schools, businesses, families and individuals who are excited to clean-up and maintain the beauty of their adopted areas.

    Samoa police charge 22 students over brawls

    The police in Samoa have charged 22 students over recent fights involving several schools.

    The students are from Avele and Malua Fou College as well as the USP Alafua Campus and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints College at Pesega.

    The police spokesperson Su'a Muli'aga Tiumalu said the students have been charged with disorderly behavior, armed with a dangerous weapon and use of electronic devices for the purpose of inciting violence as well as insulting words.

    They will appear in court on May 17th.

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