Op-Ed: Is violence inevitable?

In September this year world leaders came together at the United Nations General Assembly and adopted new Sustainable Development Goals. Amongst the 17 goals is the goal to attain Gender Equality and a target to eliminate all forms of violence against women and girls.


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    Deputy Attorney General Mitzie Jessop Ta’ase has issued a stern warning to the young men of American Samoa, that having sex with girls 16 years old and under is against the law.
     “For those young men age 18 or older who are having sex with their girlfriends who are age 16 or less, those young men can be charged with rape, regardless of whether or not their girlfriends consented.”   (sn 11/18/2015)

    Op-Ed: Facilitated SEX in DYWA “Homeless Shelter”

    Allegations surface of a 19 y/o male accompanying a 14y/o minor female into the Department of Youth and Women Affairs 'Shelter for the Homeless' (SN: 11/05/15). The shelter employee gives them a room for the night. It appears he has neglected to properly process the young people in providing some form of identification. Neither was he concerned whether they qualify for this service.

    To Our Retired Uncles, Aunties and Grandpa Who Served in Our Military Armed Forces

    A Veterans Day Poem

    Always, Faithful...Semper Fi...This, We'll Defend!...the mottos you live by
    Not for self but for Country...With all of your heart; this no one can deny.
    You are a Men and Women of Honor, Intellect, Bravery and Dignity
    Raised with a strong sense of Hard Work, Respect and Integrity.
    Qualities that molded and guided you in life
    The Foundation which held you through struggles and strife

    Op-Ed: Are you Guilty of "Corporal Punishment?"

    It has been only 17 years since the American Samoa Department of Education (DOE) prohibited the practice of corporal punishment in schools. Yet recent events cause us to revisit the issue because of increased student violence and angry behavior towards the teachers and faculties.
    While Corporal punishment is currently banned in schools in American Samoa, it is widely administered at home and tolerated in other social settings including church communities, sports events, day care or wherever children under the age of eighteen are present.

    Op-Ed: Ben Aigamaua laid to rest; his Legacy as Best Dad and Mom lives on

    Families and close friends gathered last week Wednesday, October 14 to celebrate the life of local businessman Benjamin Andrew Aigamaua at Holy Cross Catholic Church in his beloved Leone village.  The measure of the man was seen by all those who gathered to pay tribute to a most quiet soul, a devoted father who never remarried but made it his priority to care for his three children for 19-years since his beloved wife, Elisapeta Kunimaipa Solomona-Aigamaua passed away after a battle with breast cancer.  

    Op-Ed: Why changing the tuna industry means stopping labor abuse

    The same unbridled economic interests that are driving destruction in our oceans are also allowing horrific labor practices and human rights abuses of workers in the seafood industry.

    This week, powerful allies joined forces to call on the world’s largest producer of canned tuna — Thai Union Group — and its largest U.S. brand — Chicken of the Sea — to eradicate destructive fishing practices and forced labor from their supply chains.

    Op-Ed: Another sexually violated child abandoned

    March 2015 a child was taken in by Child Protective Services to Leone Substation, [SN10/9/2015] They were responding to an allegation that happened back in Feb 2015.The 7-year-old child was removed from her home by CPS and placed in the shelter then into a Foster home. A police report from the Leone Substation never surfaced after the family launched their first complaint.


    Dear Editor,
    Today is October 1st.
    On September 18th, I called ASTCA and informed them of my phone being out of order (dead). Everyday since that day I have called ASTCA numerous times that I needed them to come out to my house to see why my phone is not working. Several times I talked to a guy named Bert and he informed me on several occasion that the workers will call me back on my cell and will come out to fix my phone lines.

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