Dear Editor:
Articles posted in your paper the last two days have left me confused and upset.
First, it was just recently that the Governor stood before the FONO stating that ASG's finances were never more sound as revenue collected exceeded projections. Today it's, “we may have to reduce employee hours”, and “our cash flow is short handed” blaming a shortfall on corporate tax collection, U.S policies, etc.


Dear Editor,
Listening to the Chief of the Emergency Medical Services on the radio the other morning brought me to tears. Just what is the government doing to help this agency besides tossing it back and forth between DPS and LBJ? EMS provides a vital (life or death) service to our island community and it deserves better support from our government and better management.
When the EMS Chief said that things were looking a lot better today compared to a few years back, I can honestly say that is not true.

THE GONG SHOW: I want my cake and eat it too…

I like my cake, free or otherwise, and in return understand I will gain much-unwanted pounds, but hey… it makes me happy — That’s my excuse, what’s yours? I’m joining the gym come this Monday… GONG!

Strengthening Fishing Communities and Increasing Flexibility in Fisheries Management

excerpted from Targeted News Service

WASHINGTON —Rep. Don Young, R-Alaska., issued a statement introducing the Strengthening Fishing Communities and Increasing Flexibility in Fisheries Management Act, a bill that would amend the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act.
In remarks prepared for inclusion in the Congressional Record, Young wrote, “The bill would amend  … the premier law governing commercial and recreational fishing in U.S. federal waters.” The Magnuson-Stevens Act was first enacted in 1976 and was last reauthorized in 2006.


You know how it is when a storm front settles in over the islands and we have endless days of overcast skies to the extent that it begins to seem normal? Then one day the sun bursts through the clouds and we are startled but overjoyed because we had come to expect the clouds.


Well, my goal is for American Samoa’s congressional office to be that burst of sunshine and that is why I have make it a point to try to keep you informed of everything I am doing. It is called transparency.



Dear Editor:
I was surprised to see myself quoted in the NPR article, and again in Samoa News. I had written an extensive legal analysis of the citizenship question, and its impact on American Samoa. The article made it look like I was worried about the impacts. While it was worry that led me to start the work, my conclusion was that citizenship would not harm the fa’asamoa or current Samoan laws.

Op-Ed: New Zealand right to spy on Pacific Island neighbors

It is not paradise out there in the South Pacific and while our friendly neighbourhood might be democratic and understand rugby's off-side rule, corruption, self-interest and idiocy stalks their capitals.

And dangerously surprising things like coups, civil war and mutinies happen, and they have a real and direct impact on New Zealand.

The Snowden Papers suggest spying in the South Pacific is something new, but the reality is that we have been spying on Pacific countries for decades.


Through this letter my wife Theodora and I would like to extend our sincere gratitude to all the people of American Samoa.
Five years ago we started our first football camp for boys in American Samoa. With your help, our dream and vision for our land of heritage has grown into the Fa'a Samoa Initiative, a multi-tiered project with a football and volleyball camp for boys and girls, an academic division and a medical mission.


Dear Editor.
This letter is to voice an opinion pertaining to the Local Economy.
I read your article today on the Governor’s comments pertaining to the Chinese bringing money to the Island.
The ethnics do not really pertain in this case, or on the off chance that they should, perhaps the following is worthy of concern.

Amata’s Journal: There Is No ‘I’ in Team

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