Dear Editor,
Talofa lava. It’s been a while since I’ve voiced my concerns with the Political Corruptions going on within our government. I was also advised (sometimes threatened) by some, not to discuss such matters for it’s “Sensitive Information” and regarding High Government Officials.

Regional Issues: Pacific trade deal negotiators see a wrap in late July

WASHINGTON — With a final accord in sight, the 12 nations negotiating a trans-Pacific trade agreement linking 40 percent of the global economy have set a last round of talks for late July on the remaining issues on the most ambitious trade deal in a generation.
Outstanding controversies include access to Canada’s agriculture market, Australian concerns over American pharmaceutical patent rules, Peru’s rain forest management, Chinese components in Vietnamese textile exports and labor organizing rights in Vietnam and Mexico.

Op-Ed: Is natural-born citizenship sometimes not a fundamental right?


“[This case asks] that we forcibly impose a compact of citizenship – with its concomitant rights, obligations, and implications for cultural identity – on a distinct and unincorporated territory of people, in the absence of evidence that a majority of the territory’s inhabitants endorse such a tie and where the territory’s democratically elected representatives actively oppose such a compact. We can envision little that is more anomalous, under modern standards, than the forcible imposition of citizenship against the majoritarian will.

Op-Ed: Human Trafficking and Violation of Human Rights

A child was recently identified and delivered from her Human Trafficking bondage only because she was in a critical medical condition. An alert Pediatrician was performing her duty and went beyond assessment and treatment. She activated the emergency hotline.

OP ED: Congressional hearing exposes fallacies of Tuaua case

American Samoa's Congresswoman Aumua Amata led an important territorial policy discussion in the June 24 U.S. Congress hearing on territorial status issues faced by Puerto Rico. The hearing record that resulted will be important for all five current territories in managing federal-territorial relations in the future.

OP ED: Child Trafficking in American Samoa

The word Trafficking and its insidious actions is still a word generated by denial, shame, fear and powered by corruption at the highest level. It is exercised power, supported or covered up by higher authorities.

Washinton Post Blog: Puerto Rico shows the danger of a high minimum wage

As the financial system in Greece comes to a screeching halt this week, a smaller catastrophe looms in Puerto Rico, where the government is likewise set for disputes with its creditors over how to pay the bills.

Gov. Alejandro García Padilla of Puerto Rico does not believe the commonwealth will be able to pay the $72 billion, Michael Corkery and Mary Williams Walsh report in The New York Times. That's a huge amount of money, about four times the amount that was at stake in Detroit's bankruptcy.


Dear Editor,


Dear Editor,
I greatly appreciate your comments in response to my recent LTE regarding high sugar content soft drinks.  Your comments have sown the seeds of a much needed public discussion on this issue. I encourage others to share their views as well.  I can understand your repugnance at the notion of yet another government tax, but let me point out a couple of things that I hope may prompt you to rethink your position in this case. 


Dear Editor, 
With the rate our tax refunds are being disbursed, it is no wonder why people from Am.Samoa prefer filing their taxes off-island! I cannot believe that it is already the half of the year and tax disbursements are still in February!

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