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$600K study says we’re stuck with Hawaiian Airlines


While the American Samoa Government has improved its relationship with Hawaiian Airlines, an air transport marketing study recommends, among other things, that ASG continue dialogue with the Honolulu-based carrier.
The study also revealed that two U.S. airlines have responded favorably to the possibility of providing air service to and from American Samoa, but none want to seriously consider launching such service any time soon.

DOE decentralizes SPED in effort to correct problems


A review by five Special Education professionals from the Hawai’i Department of Education, which cited lack of accountability and major non compliance in the services provided for local SPED children, has led the Department of Education director Dr. Salu Hunkin-Finau to decentralize SPED — reassigning SPED leadership to specific high school districts “to better serve” their students.

Econ task force calls for another undersea fiber optic cable

ASH cable getting old and is expensive

The Economic Development Implementation Plan (EDIP) task force has emphasized the need for American Samoa to seek out another undersea fiber optic cable because the current one has less than ten years left in its life-span.
The task force’s final EDIP report was distributed to lawmakers last week for their review and approval before being submitted to the U.S. Department of Interior as American Samoa’s guide to economic development and possible projects for funding.

DPS investigating case of an “unattended death” at Veteran’s Stadium


The Department of Public Safety is looking into the death of a man who was found dead yesterday morning at the Veterans Stadium, according to police officers responding to Samoa News questions.
Emergency Medical Services officials say they received a request for assistance early yesterday morning regarding a dead body at the Stadium. Acting Commissioner of Public Safety, Save Liuato Tuitele told Samoa News that there were reports about the unattended death of a man, and this makes a police investigation mandatory.

Fono News


Rep Faimealelei Anthony Allen is calling on the Chairman of the Department of Education Committee to ask for the Special Education financial reports, and also the finance documents for a team of specialists from Hawai’i that conducted the review of SPED (Special Education Division).

ASG’s CPO faces sentencing in federal 1602 case

Defense says no pre-meditated misuse, asks for no jail time

A local couple, the first recipients to face federal charges under the federally-funded Section 1602 low income housing program, said they were “faced with growing financial pressures” including debts owed for another business operated by the couple, which caused them to use the federal funds as a “short-term loan”, according to the Sentencing Memorandums filed yesterday by the defense at the federal court in Washington D.C.

Tax Office Mgr alleges SSI numbers are being sold

No fraudulent refunds will not be processed on his watch

“People are selling their children’s social security number” and this is one of the biggest issues the tax office is facing. It’s wrong and it has to stop,” says Tax Manager Richard Jimmerson who also pointed out that up to 400 fraudulent tax claim cases occurred in last year’s tax season.

Video: Celebrity fish cleaning — no easy task


During Saturday’s “official inauguration” of Tri Marine International’s  Samoa Tuna Processors Inc., $70 million state-of-the art cannery plant in Atu’u and part of the ceremony included a “celebrity fish cleaning” segment which took place before the celebration got underway at 12noon.

See video

Amata’s Journal: State of the Union

In Washington, there are not many occasions of British-style pageantry, pomp and circumstance, however, the quadrennial Presidential Inaugural is an exception and so is the annual State of the Union address that the President delivers in the House chamber before the Members of the House and Senate.


The audience also includes the President’s cabinet, the Supreme Court, the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the diplomatic corps. Each Member of the House receives one ticket for a guest to be seated in the balcony. I took my daughter Kirsten.


Senators acknowledge widespread drug problem in territory

Call for mandatory drug tests of police, Customs and Immigration

Sen. Mauga Tasi Asuega described the culprit(s) who targeted police officers in two separate shootings late last year, as “cowards”, and he also joined a handful of senators calling for drug testing of police officers, as well as others considered law enforcement officers in American Samoa.

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