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Pub. Defender's Office adds certified Criminal Defense Investigator to staff


With the support of federal funding for off island training, the Office of Public Defender now has — for the first time — a certified Criminal Defense Investigator, according to that office's third-quarter performance report for FY 2014, covering the period of Apr. 1-June 30, 2014.
In the report, Public Defender Douglas Fiaui said funding through the US. Department of Interior’s technical assistant grant program for training and certification in criminal defense investigation was used during this quarter.

State Dept. invites Gov. Lolo as U.S. delegate to SIDS conference


Governor Lolo Matalasi Moliga is invited by the State Department to be a member of the US Delegation at the United Nations Small Island Developing States (S.I.D.S) conference to be held in Samoa from September 1- 4, 2014.
The S.I.D.S Conference, convened under the theme Sustainable Development through Genuine and Durable Partnerships, will focus international attention on a group of countries that remain a special case for sustainable development in view of their unique and particular vulnerabilities.

Community Briefs


The National Weather Service in Tafuna issued Thursday evening, a High Surf Warning now in effect until futher notice, with wave and surf activity along south and east facing coastal shorelines of Tutuila, Aunu’u, Swains and Manu’a islands.   
The public is advised to take extra precaution and stay away from affected coastal shorelines.  Swells, high surf and breaking waves may unexpectedly wash over certain shoreline areas, strong rip currents exist.

Lawmakers target economic development at DOC budget review

Study after study, plan after plan, but nothing comes of them, says faipule

Economic development and new tenants for the Tafuna Industrial Park were some of the main issues targeted by lawmakers, who had many questions during last week’s review of the Commerce Department's fiscal year 2015 budget.
At the outset of the hearing Senate President Gaoteote Tofau Palaie asked how many new businesses have been established in the territory and DOC director Keniseli Lafaele responded that he does not have the data on hand, but can provide it later.

Nat'l Park & DOE create Healthy School Partnership


The University of Hawaii Cohort 30 teachers have accomplished a milestone in the territory. As they focus their sights on Place Based Education — PBE — they are the first group of teachers to participate in the National Park’s Healthy School Partnership Program.



During a time when the territory scrambles to find youth interested in pursuing careers in marine biology and ocean science, a Tafuna High School senior is currently conducting research on a project he calls “Biorock Coral Reef Restoration” — a project that has the strong support and backing of many in the local marine ecology field.

Aunu’u man dies while saving sister from drowning


An ASPA worker from Aunu’u died Wednesday evening after he jumped in the ocean to save his sister, who had fallen off a small craft that was heading to the Auasi wharf.

Poly Air going to Manu'a — 30 day exemption granted


The U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) has granted Polynesian Airlines application for an emergency exemption to operate the territory’s domestic air service, but the initial period of the exemption is only for 30-days.
Polynesian’s request — made Aug. 25 — was to permit the Samoa government airline to  transport persons, property, and mail to and from the Manu’a islands for a period of 90 days beginning Sept. 1, 2014.

Amnesty bill first step in Immigration reform


Attorney General Talauega Eleasalo Ale says the immigration amnesty bill is the first step by the Lolo Administration towards immigration reform as the governor’s office will in the future submit appropriate legislation to fix any current immigration law “loopholes” which allow more foreigners to stay in the territory than necessary under the annual immigration quota.

Hokule'a, Wyland mural, Swains film— what a week!


The arrival of Jean-Michel Cousteau and Dr. Sylvia Earle last week set the tone for an historic week in American Samoa that saw not only these two notables, but the crews of the Hokule’a and the Hikianalia arrive and the south Pacific premiere of ‘Swains Island — The Last Jewel of the Planet’

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