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Cancer Coalition keeps on helping

Andy Mulitalo accepted the $500 stipend from the American Samoa Cancer Coalition on behalf of his dad, Sanele Lafaele Mulitalo, who was diagnosed with stage 4 lung disease in February. His father is home and receiving treatment. 


Mr. Mulitalo is the 4th lung cancer patient to receive a stipend in the last six months.


 Lung cancer is not always caused by directly smoking tobacco. Many times, too often in fact, lung cancer develops as a result of secondhand smoke — smoke in a room or car from someone's else's cigarette. It can also be caused from prolonged/daily exposure to air pollution like smoke from an umu, burning trash, car exhaust, mold from dirty air conditioners, etc. that cause cells in the body to mutate and grow uncontrollably thereby causing cancer. 


Lung cancer is often diagnosed at late stages, when treatment is not as effective and the cancer has already spread to other parts of the body.