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On the Campaign Trail 2012


Hopes to unseat incumbent Galumalemana

by Samoa News staff

Former Tualatai faipule, Tuifaleamato, R.A. Tagovailoa, announced yesterday that he will again seek the county’s seat in the November general election.

Tualatai, which is composed of Futiga, Vailoatai and Taputimu villages, is currently represented by Rep. Galumalemana B. Satele.

“As our island is experiencing difficult economic times, one of my major concerns is modernizing government agencies to better serve the Tualatai district and the people of American Samoa,” said Tuifaleamato, who currently serves as assistant director for safety and security at the Department of Port Administration.

“I will work with the new administration to help restructure and simplify our government agencies to maximize its ability to serve our people,” he said in a news media statement. “For example, we have big problems with guns, weapons, and drugs entering our territory,” he notes, “because our government cannot afford proper equipment/tools to assist our Customs Officers in detecting these illegal paraphernalia.”

By placing Customs Office under the local Department of Homeland Security, federal funding and other procurement sources can be made available for portals and other equipment to screen every container and bag entering the territory and detect undeclared goods for revenue collections, he said.

He also says that Customs Office will enforce local and federal laws while fostering our island’s economic security.

“In addition, we have big problems detecting over-stayers… in our territory, causing our people economic chaos in government benefits, schools, the criminal justice system, social services, and many other areas of government accountability,” he said.

Tuifaleamato also says that the local government cannot afford the proper equipment/tools to assist the Immigration Officers in performing their duties and suggested to also place Immigration under local Homeland Security, which means federal funding and other procurement sources can be made available for a tracking-system and other equipment and tools to perform their duties while maintaining the integrity of normal procedural operations with legal affairs.

“This organizational structure mirrors the federal government’s’ and most States’ Homeland security organization,” he said.

The Tualatai faipule candidate said there are other ‘innovations in governance’ that he vows to work with the new administration to improve ‘life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness,’ and public value for the Tualatai District and the people of American Samoa.


by Samoa News staff

Nomination petitions and other documents for those who wish to fill the posts of governor and lieutenant governor, delegate to the U.S. Congress, and the local House of Representatives are now available, starting at 7:30 a.m. today, for pick up at the Election Office in Tafuna.

Election Office expects this election year to be a busy one and Chief Election Officer Soliai Tuipine Fuimaono wants to make sure it’s a smooth election process.

Candidate materials include a 2012 candidate manual, candidate questionnaire and information form, nomination petition, campaign spending commission forms, and a list of the 2010 official roll of registered voters, said Soliai in a public announcement this week.

The 2010 voter roll is provided to assist candidates with their respective nomination petition requirements. The 2012 official list of qualified voters will be available to candidates once they are certified and after close of registration on Oct. 9, 2012.


The petitions are necessary as part of each candidate’s registration for public office. The deadline for final registration (and filing completed petitions) is 4:30 p.m. on Sept. 1.

Candidates for political office are reminded that only registered voters may sign their petitions and that a voter may sign only one petition for a given office. Petition signatures are also checked and verified to ensure policies and regulations are followed in accordance with local election laws (e.g. a registered voter).

Local law states that candidates for Governor and Lieutenant Governor (which involves one petition) and Delegate to the U.S. Congress require 300 signatures of registered voters on their nomination petition. A filing fee of $500 is also required at the time of registration.

To be nominated as a candidate for the local House race, the petition must be signed by 25 registered voters in the district from which he or she is seeking elected office. The signed petition is submitted together with the $300 registration fee to the Election Office.

Meanwhile, Soliai reminds all eligible voters who have not yet registered to vote — to do so as soon as possible.