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On the Campaign Trail 2012

Change, Change, Change was repeated numerous times, during the wave and rally held by Team Lolo Letalu Moliga and Lemanu Peleti Mauga at the Fagaotog Malae Saturday morning. Despite the rain, Team Lolo and Lemanu carried on with their last scheduled rally.

The wave and rally was packed with committee members, friends, families and supporters of the Gubernatorial Team.

The wave kicked off around 7 a.m. and had people from the post office all the way to the market place.

The rally took place following the wave where, Le’i Sonny Thompson, Usoalii Iuniasolua Savusa, Tim Jones and Tuika Tuika gave briefs remarks to those who gathered.

Before the rally kicked off, there was a moment of silent, in the memory of a man who was found dead in Matu’u on Friday morning in a stream. Fiu Johnny Saelua the Chairman of the Committee, stated, “Tu’ufuli Savea was always at the headquarters making sure the area is clean, and we should honor his memory… in a moment of silence.”

During the rally, President of the local Republican party Dr. Victor Tofaeono on behalf of the party, presented a $1,000 to Team Lolo and Lemanu during the rally. He noted that the Republican party is well known in the community however it’s not as active as it should be. Dr. Tofaeono said he wishes to make know to the public the differences between the Democratic Party and the Republic Party.

Committee Chairman, Fiu gave the opportunity to the former gubernatorial candidates who have endorsed Lolo and Lemanu, followed by remarks from Lemanu and then Lolo.

Late afternoon on Saturday, Team Lolo and Lemanu, supporters and families were also in Leone for a ‘final’ wave — with bingo players exiting the game.


“Make no mistake American Samoa... American Samoa has made it’s choice, it is only a matter of you and I completing that with your choice on Tuesday… As I mentioned to you before, this is not the time to stay back and relax — we have to continue this effort to make sure that next week you have got to bring those who voted before to vote again,” Le’i said. He thanked all those who attended the wave and rally.

“This is something we should be proud of, and something we should keep in our souls and minds to believe that American Samoa change. Change is important, change is not for the sake of change, but change to benefit every single person.”


The key is getting to the polls tomorrow and vote. “Its time... in other countries around the world when they want to change their governments, they have to pick up weapons and there’s blood spilt, but in American Samoa we don’t have to do that, all we have to do is get up early on election day and cast your vote.

“All you have to do to change your government is go and vote,” he said.

He added that this is small community and everyone should know each other. “Who we know is out, and we know everybody is in,” said Jones.


“Do you want change... All of us who came into this camp after the initial election are here... not here to gain, but here for change.

“We’re here to help change this government not for our personal gain, but we’re here to change this government like it should be and return the wealth back to its people.

“I believe we have the right leadership here, in the next four years and the following four years, I believe in their leadership... they have always been for the people.

“Everyone who is here, listening from home, reading this paper, lets stand for change... change that we believe in for American Samoa,” he said.


“Change... is what we need and we have to support Lolo and Lemanu for that change, to benefit us and our children for the future,” he said.

Tuika noted that the current administration — “ua fumfa uma mea uma” (everything in the government is unstable) — and thanked everyone for attending.

He jokingly said that if he and Time Jones would have won, Jones would have been the youngest Governor and he would been the oldest Lt Governor. He urged everyone to vote coming tomorrow.


“Change we must and Change we will,” said Lemanu. He commended everyone who attended the wave and rally despite the bad weather. He also thanked the members of the Republican Party who attended the rally and wave for their contribution. He urged members of the public to make their voice count and vote Tuesday, said Lemanu.


Lolo said this wave shows the power of choice, with the wave being packed. He added that since the announcement of their decision for the race for office, they have believed that the government must be sustained by four pillars: Unity, Equality, Transparency, and Accountability. He described each.

Lolo then noted that 4 of the 5 former candidates have all come together to support the change that is needed within this government.

“People first, has been our motto now, and will be if by your vote will elect us into office,” said Lolo.

He also wanted to made it clear that no positions within the government have been appointed yet to the former candidates.

Lolo urged the committees to continue their work until election morning, to reach out to the people and you must do this with a humble heart.