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Businessman Warren Fisher passes away

Long time local businessman and owner of Pacific International Engineering (PIE) Ltd., Warren Fisher passed away peacefully Sunday morning at the LBJ Medical Center, says his wife of 28 years Siloi Tu’ufuli Fisher.

“We were all there by his side when he passed away,” said Siloi, adding that her husband has been “the pillar of our family, the pillar of our extended family.”

Asked what she will miss most about Warren, Siloi said, “just being around him. He’s a fun person to be around, and enjoys being with the family.” She recalled that many of her husband’s friends called him “godfather”.

Born in Seattle, Wash., in March 1927, Warren Fisher attended West Seattle High School, as well as Seattle Pacific College, and graduated from the University of Washington.

He moved to American Samoa in 1977 to work on the Aua/Afono road, a $1.6 million construction project for J.J. Welcome Construction, where he was general manager, according to the bio provided by his wife.

He was the general manager of A & M Construction on various projects, and was later general manager and owner of Southern Star Ltd.

There were also several other projects that he was involved with, from repair and renovation of wharves in Manua, to the Ofu landing strip, to school projects on Tutuila. He also worked on guardrail and waterline projects.

He served for a time on the American Samoa General Contractor’s Association as vice president.

Warren passed away while he was still battling with the government to get the final payment of the PIE contract for the Ta’u Road Project, which goes back to 1991. Following a two-day trial in January of 2010, the High Court issued a decision in October of the same year, ordering that the judgment be entered in favor of PIE in the amount of $321,757 plus court costs.

Additionally, post-judgment interest was to accrue at the statutory rate of 6% per year as of the entry date of the judgment.

Last August the governor submitted legislation to the Fono for approval so that PIE could be paid. However, that measure remains pending in the Fono.

Warren is survived by his wife, Siloi and eight children. Funeral services are pending, with an official announcement to be made soon.

Samoa News extends our condolences to the family.