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Business Beat: Christmas bells are ringing… for the gift givers

It’s five more days before Christmas... and counting! Here are some choice shopping places to visit. Why not? Gifts on Christmas are not an obligation, they’re a joy found in giving as much as in receiving.

We want to make it easier for you to organize your shopping, because impulse buys will cut into your tala and going wily nily will cut into your time, making it an exhausting and stressful time, instead of the joy it should be.

There’s more shopping out there — and Samoa News will continue to bring highlights of shoppers’ delight... as we count down to Christmas Day.

For today, there is:

“E-Quinns” Boutique at the newly remodeled Litani Shopping Center in Nu’uuli, where you will find the latest fashion in clothing.  Want to feel like a Kardashian? “E-Quinns” has the shoes for you... Accessories? Make-Up? Perfumes or Colognes?

Shops in the Laufou Shopping Center of course, but check out the ‘new’ Laufou supermarket section with produce, meats, and other goods to help make that special christmas meal — and of course you’re still be able to buy gifts from dishes, shoes, clothes, perfumes, and candy — the ole fail-safe pleaser. All at one stop. All reasonably priced.

Special mention has to be made for Bluesky Communications, located in Laufou Shopping Center — with their many Christmas specials and discounts, and their new 4G mobile service (Do you hear NEW phone? Ringing?)

And who says you can’t treat yourself to ‘cable service’ from Moana TV— a gift to be enjoyed by the whole family, or a hook up for your uncle & aunty that don’t have it. It’s office is in the Bluesky shop — so it’s a ‘one stop’ breeze again.

On your way home? Taking a pause for the Christmas cause?

There’s Kentucky Fried Chicken, because face it, you’re not going to have time to cook and shop — so grab a bucket or take home a chocolate chip cake, that is included in their Family Festive Feast Meal.

Then there’s the McDonald’s $4.00 meal, sure to hit the spot while running from store to store.  And if you’re too tired to cook on Christmas Sunday, McDonald’s will be opened, so bring the whole aiga down and let McDonald’s pamper you.