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Boy succumbs to deadly sting

Police are puzzled by the death of a nine-year old boy, of Taufusi and Falese’ela, Lefaga, who died from bee stings on Monday evening. Assistant Police Commissioner Le’aupepe Fatu Pula said the boy was there to visit family when the incident occurred.“He was at the back of the house near the kitchen when he was stung on the forehead and in the back of his neck by a bee.” Le’aupepe said this is a very unusual cause of death.“Many get stung by bees but never die as a result.” He said the boy did not immediately die but “started wailing that he had been stung by a bee.”“It wasn’t until another member of his family noticed that he was shaking and looked in shock that he immediately took him to the neighbours’ house for treatment.”Le’aupepe said the boy was taken to hospital but it was too late.No Postmortem is planned to determine the death of the boy.