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Boy Scouts to hold Roundtable this week on worldwide theme

Boy Scout leaders and committee members in American Samoa are being called to a Roundtable meeting tomorrow, June 14 at the LDS chapel in Malaeimi. Scheduled to begin at 6 p.m., the Roundtable is being held for leadership training covering the Boy Scout theme for the month of June— “Sports”.

 It is a broad theme, but according to District Executive for the local scout council, Fiamatai Faitau, it is meant to encourage scouts to zero in on one sport which interests them, and learn as much as they can about that sport. The scouts are working toward earning merit badges this summer, and the theme encompasses any sport which a young man can focus on to obtain his Sports merit badge.

Scouts are encouraged to choose a sport they are interested in — any sport at all — and learn as much as possible about it. They are asked to research, observe, write about it, participate in it, understand the rules and regulations, and be able to demonstrate their chosen sport.

Sport leaders throughout the territory — along with trainers and coaches throughout the world — have been asked to help out with this scouting focus. The theme is a worldwide theme, according to Fiamatai Faitau, it is not just a local theme.

He said that scout leaders have been in contact with local sports trainers and coaches to help the youth in this endeavor.

Sports as varied as Track and Field, Basketball, Volleyball, Football, Rugby, Soccer, Swimming, Wrestling, Boxing and Baseball are possible fields of interest for the young men to choose from.

“We want the scout to look at the sport as a possible career for their lifetime,” Faitau told Samoa News. “We want our young men to focus on positive activities that build character, and sports is one of those things.”

He added, “Not everyone is meant for the academic world; there are many who can excel in the world of sports, and use it as a means to get an education, and some will become scholar athletes.”

Additionally, beginning July 16-21 the local scout troops will be holding an island-wide Summer Camp on the grounds of Fatu o Aiga parish hall in Ottoville.

The purpose of the Scout Summer Camp, according to district leaders, is to help scouts earn merit badges, experience outdoor life, and learn to be self reliant. It will focus on leadership skills and becoming good citizens.

“Summer camp is also held to build up brotherhood, make new friends, and yes, to have fun.” said Faitau.

 The Summer Camp is open to any one who wants to join Scouting.

“But remember to be prepared with camping gear, tents, sleeping bags, first aid, flash lights, bath supplies and cooking supplies — and snacks, but we want to encourage healthy snacks” said Faitau.

Registration forms must be filled out before July 7, and there is a $15.00 registration fee.

There are currently 2,136 Boy Scouts on island which comprise 94 troops at numerous churches and schools on Tutuila and Aunu’u. Plans are in the works for a scout unit in Ta’u, Manu’a as well a new unit in Sa’ilele.

For further information, please call the Boy Scout office at 699-4553 or 699-7611 or contact Fiamatai Faitau at