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Boy missing in Samoa, found

A thirteen-year-old boy from Vaitele who has been missing for several days has been found.But the story behind his disappearance is interesting.The Samoa Observer was yesterday told that Kolose Simanu was too afraid to return home after he had spent the grocery money on arcade games and pool table.On Wednesday last week, his parents apparently gave him some money to go to town to by groceries.Instead, he used it to play arcade games and pool table until all the money was spent.Once he realised he had no money and could not buy the groceries, he caught a bus and rode around for hours.After all the passengers had left the bus, the bus driver repeatedly asked Kolose where he stayed.He did not answer, so the driver took him to his house for the night.There he stayed for one week.A member of the bus driver’s household was watching Le Lali Programme on TV1, when she saw the announcement about Kolose missing.They contacted his parents, and after a week away with the bus driver’s family, Kolose was finally returned home.Kolose’s father, Falevaai Simanu, said he and his family were worried when his son did not come home.“We thought he was at a friend’s house,” Mr. Simanu said. “But when he didn’t come home that night or the next morning we started to worry.”Mr. Simanu said his son was well looked after by the family who took him in.