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Boxers from Samoa arrested for alleged assault

A man was admitted to the hospital for treatment after he was allegedly assaulted by two boxers from Samoa on the evening of Flag Day, and it is alleged the incident also involved money.


Henry Tyrell and Fiamaua Hala came to the territory for Flag Day boxing events, and they were arrested Thursday night on allegations they assaulted a man. It is also alleged the boxers attempted to break into a business where the incident occurred. Tyrell and Hala have been arrested and charged with Public Peace Disturbance and Third Degree Assault.


The pair were among 13 who were arrested during the two-day events which celebrated Flag Day, and they appeared in District Court on Saturday morning.


The man who was hospitalized, Sita Fuiono, was also arrested, and when he was released from the hospital, he was transported to the Tafuna Correctional Facility on one count of PPD.


According to the government’s case, police were contacted about a fight at a home in Tafuna. Police responded to the scene where they observed that Tyrell and Hala were assaulting Fuiono, who was on the ground when they arrived.


Court filings say the three were arrested and taken to the police station and EMS technicians were called to treat Fuiono’s injuries to his face and body. Fuiono was later transported to the hospital where he was admitted for further treatment and observation.


Court filings say that when the owner of the house arrived at her home, she found Tyrell and Hala sitting on Fuiono. It’s alleged Tyrell and Hala were punching Fuiono on the face. According to the government’s case, Hala and Tyrell walked to the store where they consumed a few beers and there they met Fuiono who lives at the car wash across from the store. It's  alleged that Fuiono invited Tyrell and Hala to the house for a drinking session, and that is where the fight broke out.


The government’s case claims Fuiono, told police that Tyrell and Hala assaulted him when he refused to give them money. “Fuiono also claimed that Tyrell and Hala tried to break into the office and when he (Fuiono) attempted to stop them, Hala and Tyrell assaulted him by choking him with a wire and then punched him repeatedly.”


Court filings say that Fuiono further claims he was struck on the head with a beer bottle.


The Attorney General’s office is continuing its investigation into the matter to determine if additional felony charges should be filed. In the meantime, Tyrell and Hala were taken back to the TCF, and each of them are held on bail of $200. All three were represented by Assistant Public Defender Matthew Trick while prosecuting was Assistant Attorney General LornaLei Meredith Fanene.


Samoa News should point out this is not the first time boxers from Samoa have been arrested on criminal charges. In August 2012, a boxer from Samoa was sentenced to 28 months in jail and placed on probation for seven years after being convicted on charges of having sex with a minor.


The detention period, however, was stayed on the condition that the boxer leave the territory immediately, and the American Samoa Boxing Association stepped in to pay for the boxer’s fare to return to Samoa. The boxer cannot re-enter the Territory during his probationary period.