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Book takes Samoa by storm

Whether it was because of author Mrs Lani Wendt-Young, Ezra Taylor or the love of the Telesa trilogy, crowds flocked to Samoa Stationary and Books (SSAB) yesterday and got all three.

Mrs. Wendt-Young took the fiction world by storm when she introduced the first part of the Telesa Trilogy; The Covenant Keeper and now, she is back in Samoa to launch part two, When Water Burns. “Samoa is home and I love coming back,” she told the Samoa Observer.

“Being able to share the achievements of this book with the Samoan people is great.” Fans of the Telesa trilogy armed with newly purchased copies of part two of the trilogy stood in queues to have their books signed by the author. They were in for another surprise when Ezra Taylor, the cover model and face of the book’s lead character, Daniel, made an appearance. Fans were excited.

“I loved the first part and couldn’t wait for the second part and now it’s finally here I can’t wait to read it,” said Leanne Fa’asavalu.

“It really appeals to young people and I love how it provokes people to use their imagination. National University of Samoa librarian, Avalogo Togi Tunupopo said Mrs Wendt- Young’s books are Samoan at heart.

“Lani Wendt-Young is an amazing writer and her style of writing appeals to the young people. I love how she uses Samoan legends in her books and even though it is fiction, it is Samoan at heart.” Henrietta Penn hopes there is no tension in part two. “I heard that there are new characters in part two so I hope there is no tension and the main characters stay together.”

Mrs. Young said the idea behind the trilogy was because she wanted to read such a story “The reason I wrote this book was because it was the kind of book that I wanted to read. I couldn’t find a book like this that was set in Samoa or the Pacific that I could connect with, or relate to.” According to Mrs. Wendt-Young, the final book of the trilogy is already in progress and she hopes to release part three in six months time.