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BOH provides feds with new development in local case

Bank of Hawai’i filed with the federal court in Honolulu on Wednesday, the latest development in its battle with the American Samoa Government in the High Court of American Samoa.

“BoH...requests that this court take judicial notice of the foregoing pleading,” the bank’s attorney said in the filing, which includes documents from the High Court, regarding ASG’s Oct. 30 stimulated motion to continue the hearing set in the local court for Oct. 31 on the ASG motion to enforce the preliminary injunction and sanction against the bank.

In its stimulated motion, signed by both sides, ASG requested to continue the Oct. 31 hearing to a date convenient to the court on or after Dec. 10.

This motion is based on: the agreement of the parties in this case; and the request of the federal court in Honolulu that ASG continue its motion for enforcement, according to court documents, which didn’t provide any other details about the agreement.

The High Court has since granted the request with the new hearing date of Dec. 18 for the enforcement motion, which was filed by ASG after BoH failed to comply with the local court order two months ago to restore into the ASG account the more than $800,000 frozen by the bank per orders of the federal court, following a request by Marsico Ltd.

Marisco claims that the government failed to pay its debt after the Honolulu based company provided services for ASG.