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BOH ATM outage early Sunday to facilitates upgrades

Bank of Hawai’i ATMs in Hawai’i and through out its Pacific IslandDivisions will be down because the bank’s Central Processing Facility will be undergoing an infrastructure upgrade, said Hobbs Lowson, theBoH’s local manager.For American Samoa, the ATMs will be down starting at 11p.m. Saturday until 5:30a.m. Sunday, said Lowson, adding that the bank apologizes to the community for any inconvenience.

For Hawai’i the system will be down Feb. 12 between midnight and 6:30a.m. and other Pacific Island Divisions, it will be  Sunday, Feb. 12 between 8 p.m. and 2:30 a.m. (Monday, Feb. 13).

“These upgrades are being put in place to help prevent future power outages,” said BoH in a news release.

Aging equipment is being replaced and redundant power systems are being added. Back-up air conditioning is also being added, which will dramatically extend the amount of time the facility can run on generator power.

These upgrades will help eliminate future power outages within the facility’s electrical infrastructure, according to the bank, which also noted that refreshing the aging equipment will not only improve there liability of the equipment, but will also ensure spare parts and maintenance support are readily available.

“The installation of the back-up air conditioning will protect vital computer services and equipment in the event of a power disruption,”it says.