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BlueSky officially launches 4G wireless

Bluesky Communications launched its 4G wireless broadband mobil communications service here in the territory yesterday afternoon at the Gov. H. Rex Lee Auditorium, which began its day-long celebration of the ‘most advanced broadband network in the South Pacific’.The event was well attended by both private sector and government officials. Special remarks were offered by BlueSky CEO Adolfo Montenegro, with Gov. Togiola Tulafono as the keynote speaker.The term 4G refers to the fourth generation of cellular phone network technology, succeeding the previous third generation (3G) standard. It is commonly used as a marketing term by cellular phone network service providers to describe upcoming improvements to the existing cellular network, according to information released by BlueSky.Montenegro noted in his remarks that the introduction of the most advanced 4G network by BlueSky is fitting, considering the company’s long history of innovation in American Samoa. “Our mission is clear, and you all played a lead roll in the broadband revolution. It is our responsibility and our commitment to our customers.”The CEO was proud to announce that “there were no grants, nor funding, this is strictly the result of our mission and our company’s commitment to American Samoa.” He said, “We are making broadband for everyone our priority. 4G is about performance... it’s time to deliver speed and it is fundamentally about consumer experience. 4G can average between 4 to 10 time faster than a working 3G network.” In his keynote address Togiola said, “Communication is the one empowering tool that advances any society significantly in every aspect of its life,” adding that “to achieve this level of high technology into our territory, far away from the metropolitan centers of the world, is a huge and... significant day for American Samoa…”“I congratulate BlueSky in its fine leadership. We cannot do all that we do without good communications,” he said. According to Wikipedia, a 4G system is expected to provide a comprehensive and secure all-Internet Protocol (IP) base mobile broadband solution to laptop computer wireless modems, smartphones and other mobile devices. Facilities such as ultra-broadband internet access, IP telephony, gaming services and streaming multimedia may be provided to users. The launch event included a performance by the Malaeloa Methodist Youth, which highlighted in their dance the transition of 3G to 4G’s higher quality, higher speed wireless broadband performance.At the event, Togiola was also the first to officially use one of the 4G wireless technology capabilities being offered by Bluesky — video calls were made to the villages of Amanave and Sailele.