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Bishop Peter Brown calls for prayer for peace

After Pope Francis this week called on all people of all faiths to pray for peace in Syria, Bishop Peter Brown is calling on American Samoans of all beliefs to join the call.Over 100,00 people were at the Vatican — Buddhists, Jews, Muslims and Christians throughout the world gathered with one voice together with the Holy Father. The Pope said all humanity made in the image of God reflects the biblical history of the beginning of the world seen in Genesis, '..and God saw that it was good...' “We are surrounded by the beauty of Gods creation. Yet we are also amidst the chaos of our own creation. God says to Cain, 'where is your brother Abel, to which Cain responds, 'am I my brothers keeper?' Gods creation remands us of our own integrity as humans and the cry of those who suffer through war.\Bishop Brown wrote in a release sent to local media over the weekend