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Beach wresting ends championships on a high note

The 2014 Oceania Wrestling Championships concluded this past Saturday with Beach Wrestling held at Utulei Beach with the Free-Style competition taking place on Friday at the Governor H. Rex Lee Auditorium.


This was the first time the Oceania Wrestling Championships were hosted by American Samoa making it a historic event. Teams competing were New Zealand, Australia, Palau, Federated States of Micronesia, Guam, Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Nauru, Solomon Islands, Tokelau, Tonga and host country American Samoa.


The championships that took place from last Wednesday through Saturday, had some of the best wrestlers in the Oceania Region competing, which no doubt brought in money to the economy for the momentous days of the event.


According to the president of the American Samoa Amateur Wrestling Association (ASAWA) Ethan Lake, three of the major motels on island, Sadie’s by the Sea, Sadie Thompson Inn and Tradewinds were full with the contingents of competitors and their teams.


Lake noted he would like to thank everyone that helped make the Oceania Championships a success and thanked all of the competitors, their coaches and supporters that were part of this prestigious and historic event.


The championships had New Zealand and Australia dominating most of the tournament with team American Samoa holding its own with the majority of its wrestlers either being new to the sport or without much experience, with a few exceptions.


Tokelau, which sent one competitor, Ilai Elekana Manu, was able to earn three medals in the Senior Mens 80kg: he earned a Gold in Greco-Roman, Bronze in Free-Style (86kg) and a Bronze in Beach Wrestling.


Tonga had only one representative as well, Sione Lui, who was able to earn his way to a Bronze Medal in the Senior Mens 71kg in Greco-Roman.


Marshall Islands with their lone wrestler, female competitor Keju Ilania, earned herself a Gold on the first day in the 70kg Free-Style. This was a qualifier match for the Youth Olympic Games. She also earned a Gold on day 2 in the Cadets 70kg and a Gold in the Juniors (67kg) of the Oceania Championships. Female competitors compete only in Free-Style.


The last day of the championship was Saturday with Beach Wrestling. Samoa News was not able to retrieve the results of that day, as of press time. Look for the results in tomorrow’s Samoa News Sports edition.


Here are the results on day three last Friday for the Gold, Silver and Bronze winners when the Men’s Free-Style competition was completed.






Gold            Tiira Tekariewe            Kiribati




Gold            Ryan McCormick            New Zealand


Silver            Faifua Ipolito            American Samoa


Bronze            Jordan Leilua            American Samoa




Gold            Ronin Ainsley            New Zealand




Gold            Tyler Corbett            New Zealand


Silver            Brahm Richards            New Zealand


Bronze            Suraj Singh            New Zealand




Gold            Douglas Lloyd            New Zealand


Silver            John Scanlan            American Samoa


Bronze            Jesse Leilua/Sali’itu American Samoa




Gold            Jarvis Tarkong            Palau


Silver            Tini Lam Yuen            American Samoa


Bronze            Matthew Downes/James Scanlan            New Zealand/American Samoa




Gold            Jordan Marshall            New Zealand


Silver            Teo Pouri-Lare            New Zealand


Bronze            Maxwell Koria/Matthew Oxenham            Solomon Islands/New Zealand




Gold            Lafeta Vou            American Samoa


Silver            Gerume Petrus            Palau


Bronze            Andronichus Fa’ai’u/Samisoni Vailahi            American Samoa/American Samoa




Gold            Matafeo Manaia            New Zealand


Silver            Wayne Filige            American Samoa


Bronze            Schey McMoore            American Samoa




Gold            Ben Pratt            Australia


Silver            Ueseli Isieli            American Samoa


Bronze            Nimoa Elisara/Tevita Tuitavake            American Samoa/American Samoa






Gold            Ronin Ainsley            New Zealand


Silver            Faifua Ipolito            American Samoa


Bronze            Ryan McCormick            New Zealand




Gold            Tyler Corbett            New Zealand


Silver            Suraj Singh            New Zealand


Bronze            Tapeni Suti/Jesse Leilua            American Samoa/American Samoa




Gold            Liam Brice Neylond            Australia


Silver            Douglas Lloyd            New Zealand


Bronze            Aaron Thomas Maher/Seali’itu Mauga            Australia/American Samoa




Gold            Jake Conrad Dornford            Australia


Silver            Jarvis Tarkong            Palau


Bronze            Tini Lam Yuen/Hayden Smith            American Samoa/New Zealand




Gold            Jayden Alexander Lawrence            Australia


Silver            Jordan Marshall            New Zealand


Bronze            Joshua Andrew/Maxwell Koria            New Zealand/Solomon Islands




Gold            Joshua Downes            New Zealand


Silver            Fanolua Fanolua            American Samoa


Bronze            Wayne Filige/Rengiil Veki            American Samoa/Palau




Gold            Wesley Ioane            American Samoa


Silver            Stephan Leasiolagi            American Samoa


Bronze            Nolan Puletasi/Toese Fuifatu            American Samoa/American Samoa




Gold            Sione Kava            American Samoa


Silver            Tevita Tuitavake            American Samoa


Bronze            Va’atofu Sauavo/Solomona Uli            American Samoa/American Samoa






Gold            Thongsinh Soukananh            New Zealand


Silver            Adam Troy Colleti            Australia


Bronze            Liam Brice Neylond            Australia




Gold            Craig Miller            New Zealand


Silver            Jake Conrad Dornford            Australia


Bronze            Lowe Bingham            Nauru




Gold            Jayden Alexander Lawrence            Australia


Silver            Joshua Andrew            New Zealand


Bronze            Iabin Tokia            Kiribati




Gold            Stephen Hill            New Zealand


Silver            Aaron Quinlan            New Zealand


Bronze            Ilai Manu/Connor James Evans            Tokelau/Australia




Gold            Samuel Belkin            New Zealand


Silver            Taonatetika Koru            Kiribati


Bronze            Wesley Ioane            American Samoa




Gold            Florian Temengil            Palau


Silver            Va’atofu Sauavo            American Samoa


Bronze            Joseph Lui Kuey            American Samoa