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Ban Ki-moon warns countries over ‘empty promises’ at Rio+20

The global roadmap for sustainable development to be endorsed by world leaders here in Rio should be matched with actions, says United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

“While time is not on our side, world leaders must rise above narrow national interests. Global interests must be their own national interests. “We must be united for our common good and united for unity,” pleaded Ban Ki Moon in his statement to 130 world leaders gathered at the Rio+20 conference in the Brazilian city.

World ‘expects more’

Ban said the world would have expected bolder and ambitious commitments from leaders.

“Negotiations have been very difficult and slow, because of conflicting interests and ideas. Some have tried to be bolder while some parties have strongly expressed their own views and interests,” he told journalists.

“It has been such a long and delicate process of negotiations.”

As the convener for the Rio+20 conference he was encouraged by the strong leadership shown by Brazil in achieving the outcome now before world leaders.

“This political statement by world leaders, no matter how good, will mean nothing if these actions are not implemented.

“If these commitments are not translated into action, it means nothing. All these outcomes should be implemented without further delay.