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Baha'I fosters community involvment

Junior youth groups facilitated by trained youth “animators” help youth to develop their latent capabilities and contribute to meaningful service in the community.  The groups engage in learning, socializing, arts, sports and service activities. Attention is given to enhancing their powers of expression, recognizing the moral issues underlying everyday decisions and the moral implications of their speech and actions, developing friendships, withstanding negative peer pressure, building unity and enhancing global citizenship.

One of the main objectives of junior youth groups is to empower the young people to be able to contribute to the advancement of world civilization. Individual and social transformation go hand in hand, there is a great need to encourage young people to better their environment through service. It is impossible to change just the individual or society, it must be a dual process to be effective.

The area focused on for the service project was and is the Pago Bay Area along the coastal lines of Pago Harbor. The junior youth empowerment group is composed of youth from the ages of 11 and up (multi denominational) and is under the guidance of the Baha'is of the Local Spiritual Assembly of Pago Pago. We tend to keep up with all our service projects and hope to utilize the agencies that are able and available to help assist us in anyway possible.