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AYFS week #4 confirms Raiders and Chiefs the only undefeated in the league

As of Week #4, the American Youth Football Samoa league records confirm that the Raiders and Chiefs teams are the only two undefeated squads. It will take some time before these two strong football teams will face each other, but because this is a highly competitive season — AYFS officials say it’s still up for grabs, unlike the past lopsided seasons.

As for the Chiefs and the Raiders, they are looking to have a clean record throughout the season, as their main goal is to face someone in the title game.

In their performances this past Saturday, the Raiders sent the Buccaneers home with a 36 - 6 loss, while the Chiefs defeated the 49ers from the East with a 52 - 16 win.

Raiders 36 – Buccaneers 6

The Raiders, who are the number one contenders coming into this year’s AYFS season, are really looking to take the spotlight this year, with an astounding record that after Saturday’s game makes it the third time the Raiders have defeated their opposition by over 30 points.

In the first quarter of the match, the Raiders took command with the first offensive drive of the game, an unstoppable offense led by Raiders’ Eric Steffany took it all the way into Bucc’s territory with a hard running game by Folasa Vili and Ueseli Mamea.

The Raiders, playing a third down situation on the Bucc’s 4-yard line, sent Mamea up the middle to score the first touchdown of the game, with just 8:32 into the first quarter of the game. The two point conversion saw the defense looking to expect Mamea again, instead they were disappointed, when they saw Vili heading out to the corner of the end zone with the ball to record their first eight-point lead of the game.

Another Raiders TD was in the works not too long after that, as they managed to punch a fast one into the end zone again with Matthew Lagai recording the second touchdown of the game with a sweep play, and two-point conversion again by Vili for a 16- 0 lead.

The Buccaneers, still trying to hold on and defend their goal line, found themselves in deep trouble again, when they were pinned deep on their own 1-yard line, as they were looking to a punting situation on fourth down with 7:32 remaining in the second quarter. The punt sent over by the Bucc’s saw the Raiders main man, Vili, receiving the kick, bouncing out to the side line, and it was “oh happy day” for Vili as he returned the punt for a 60-yard touchdown, sending the Raiders on a 24 - 0 lead after a good two-point conversion by Steffany on a QB keeper.

But it was not all one-sided — suddenly, right after that Raiders touchdown, Vili sends a kick off to the Bucc’s, with Irae Filiva’a receiving it, who then storms to the middle of the field, then boosts out to the sidelines to countdown the markers all the way to for a 66-yard touchdown return, to record the Buccaneers first and only touchdown of the game.

Then with just 34 seconds remaining on the clock for the second quarter, the Raiders decide to return the favor, as they set up for their first down possession on their own 28-yard line that saw a perfect pass connection between Steffany and Vili, with Vili taking it all the way to the house with the touchdown that closed off the first half of the game with the Raiders leading 30 - 6.

The second half saw the Buccaneers defense coming back to life, as they held off the Raiders threatening drives to no end zone appearances in whole third quarter. Their offense tried their best, but just wasn’t up to the competition that the Raiders defensive unit was bringing on as they shut out the Bucc’s on offense, having them score on special teams.

3:34 remaining in the fourth quarter of the game, and the Raiders decide to record their final touchdown of the game, when Lagae caught a quick slant pass from Steffany on a third down situation on the Bucc’s 14-yard line, as he recorded the final score of the game and his second touchdown of the game, sending the Raiders home with a 30+ victory of 36 - 6.

Chiefs 52 – 49ers 16

This was by far the most dominating match up of last Saturday’s match up featuring the undefeated Chiefs who sent the Niners back to the east with a 52 - 16 loss. The Chiefs, also recorded their third week of victory with over 30 plus points, clearly making a statement that they want to fight for the championship title.

The Chiefs opened up the game with an early lead, as they headed for the first play of the game just after receiving the opening kick off of the game. The Chiefs marked first down possession on their own 36-yard line, which saw a quick inside hand off going to Tupufia Shalhout, who turned that simple play up field, and into the end zone for the first touchdown of the game with just 9:45 into the first quarter. The quarterback keeper by Ambrose Isaako sent the Chiefs on their first eight-point lead of the game.

The unstoppable Shalhout really gave an outstanding performance, as he recorded another touchdown reception, followed by Fernandez Petersen’s 32-yard sweep touchdown in the second quarter, to clearly take the lead.

Suddenly, when the Chiefs thought this was another shutout weekend, the Niners thought otherwise, when Malachi Peko-Vai, brought the reverse hand off from their own 24-yard line, as he crossed the field with the ball, and beat all the defenders to the end zone, to record his first touchdown of the game, bringing the Niners back to trail the Chiefs with only eight points after a good two point conversion on the QB keeper.

Two minutes just before halftime, and the Chiefs threaten the Niners playing a first down situation on the Niners 3-yard line. Isaako of the Chiefs fakes the pass, and keeps the ball into the end zone to extend their lead 24 - 8 into halftime.

The third quarter opens up with some punishing blows from the Chiefs, as the Niners had a hard time keeping up with Shalhout, who recorded his third touchdown of the game to open up the second half, sending the Chiefs to a 30 - 8 lead.

Not too long after that, late in the third quarter, the Niners get the ball back, pick up the pace, and fix up the slacks down field, as they reach the end zone with a good slant pass out to Marvis Vaiagae who scored the Niners second touchdown of the game. QB keeper by Lafaele Simanu of the Niners was good enough to bring them back trailing 30 - 16.

Suddenly, feeling down with that last Niners touchdown, Shalhout immediate returns the favor, as he makes a 34-yard touchdown on a second down possession on the Niners 34. It was Shalhout coming out to the sidelines on the sweep, and seeing nothing but the end zone as he recorded his fourth touchdown of the game.

Closing off the game was Pinei Te’i and Petersen who recorded two more touchdowns that sent the Chiefs home with their third victory of the season: 52 - 16.