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AYFS Week #3 Action: Chargers and Bears are on top

The third week of the ongoing American Youth Football of Samoa (AYFS) continued last Saturday morning with a double header match up instead of the normal four game match up every Saturday, as their schedule was a bit off with the All Star match ups being postponed until further notice.

To open up last Saturday’s double header, was the first showdown of the Bengals and the Bears who met for the first time this season. The Bears who had quite a tough time against the Bengals last season, came in this year to defeat the Bengals, and recorded their second victory of the season on Saturday, after shutting out the Bengals in this regular season game.


During the opening quarter of the game, the Bengals who had quite the tie two weeks ago against the Steelers, failed to convert on downs against the Bears, as they suffered a shut out from the Bears defense, who committed to stopping the Bengals offense all day last Saturday to no touchdowns.

The first quarter concluded scoreless, as the Bears struggled against the Bengals defense.

4:34 remaining in the second quarter, and the Bears find themselves in a threatening situation on the Bengals 5-yard line that featured Wayne Filiga walking into the end zone for the first touchdown of the game. Their two point conversion was no good as the Bears were on top by six.

The third quarter saw the Bears again score their second touchdown facing the Bengals end zone from the 2-yard line, as Wayne Filiga again entered the end zone with just 4 seconds remaining in the fourth quarter on a sweep play, sending the Bears to a 12 – 0 lead.

The two point conversion by Manuleleua was good enough to send the Bears home with a 14 – 0 victory, their second win of the season, as the Bengals have yet to win.


The Steelers coming off from two weeks ago with a tie against the Bengals, failed to uphold their clean sheet when they added a loss in their match against the Chargers this past Saturday, as the Chargers continue to make the best of this season’s match up, as they are not looking like the Chargers from the past — they are looking to play in the play offs this season.

The ‘Steel’ curtain made an early statement in the game, as they recorded the first touchdown of the game from the Chargers 34-yard line, when Seui pitched the ball out to Luteru Ah Loe on a running play that featured Luteru marking his way down the sidelines and into the end zone. Ah Loe on the two-point conversion reception saw the Steelers on top with the first eight points of the game.

Not too long after that — with just 8:41 into the second quarter of the game, the Chargers start threatening the Steelers by punching in their first six points of the game in the hands of Leatigaga who converted on a third and goal situation from the Steelers 2-yard line for their first touchdown of the game.

However, the Steelers had a difficult time trying to find their way back to the Chargers red zone, as their starting quarterback Elise Seui, was taken out of the game after a severe blind side tackle from the Chargers Samuel Taliva’a that gave the Chargers a head start with a healthy roster in the first half of the game.

In the third quarter, after Leatigaga scored his first two touchdowns of the season taking the Chargers over the Steelers with a 12 – 8 lead, the Steelers were very glad to start off the second half of the game with Seui back in the huddle for the third quarter of the match to try and lead the Steelers to victory.

Seui’s first drive back into action in the third quarter, and he leads the Steelers all the day down to Chargers territory with Luteru Ah Loe recording another touchdown situation for the Steelers that brought them back to lead 14 – 12.

Just when the Steelers thought they were going to lead and win, the Charger’s Leatigaga thought otherwise when he spotted another touchdown conversion for the Chargers with just 4 seconds remaining in the third quarter on a fortunate fourth and goal situation, that witnessed the Chargers coming back to lead the game.

Suddenly with 8:43 remaining in the fourth quarter, the Chargers made a clear statement that they were going home with the victory on this one, when Samuel Taliva’a dove into the end zone from the Steelers 32-yard line on a counter play that went all the way home for another Chargers touchdown. Michael Tuimavave on the successful two point conversion was good enough to send the Chargers on a 22 point lead.

Not too long after that – the Steelers pinned deep in their own territory, saw the sun cover with clouds when Seui was sacked immediately in the end zone for a safety by Ray Maota Faleai’i, sending some extra points on the scoreboard for the Chargers.

It’s 7:23 remaining in the game, and the Steelers get the ball back. Seui wants to lead the Steelers to victory, and manages to pull it off with the first play of the drive when he aired out a quick slant pass to Luteru Ah Loe, who caught that ball, and saw nothing but the end zone as he trailed down the sidelines to record another Steelers touchdown to trying to catch the Chargers 28 – 20 lead.

But, the Chargers are just too good this Saturday, with Leatigaga and Samuel Taliva’a leading the Chargers in the 4th quarter over the Steelers with two more touchdown conversions that saw the Chargers looking to make it to the play offs this year, with an astounding performance. End game: Chargers recorded their second victory with a 40 – 20 win over the Steelers.