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Aunu’u gets siren warning system installed

With the successful installation of the outdoor siren on Aunu’u island Tuesday, Mike Sala, director of the local Department of Homeland Security (ASDHS) said it “is now online and fully operational”.

Aunu'u's siren installation delay in the past was attributed to no vessel available to safely enter the shallow harbor in Aunu’u.

Sala says his department would like to recognize the collaborative effort of American Samoa Power Authority (ASPA) for allowing the transportation of siren equipment and materials via their chartered shipment on the Fotu-o-Samoa vessel during an ASPA shipment to complete their work in Aunu'u.

With the Aunu’u installation completed,  49 sirens are now operational, 48 on Tutuila island. The remaining siren to be installed is for Ofu Island which is delayed because of a land dispute.