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Aumua Amata & Seau Sr. speak at SAHC

SAN DIEGO, CA — Aumua Amata has been invited by the Samoan Athletes Heart of Champions (SAHC) to be their inspirational speaker at their Youth Service on today Saturday, April 6, along with featured speaker Layman Ti'aina Savusa Se'au Sr. of the First Samoan Congregational Church of Oceanside CA and father of the late football super star Ti'aina Baul "Junior" Se'au. 


The senior Se'au and his wife Louisa, Junior's mother, will both attend the service to be held at Windsor Hills Community Church in La Mesa CA. SAHC ministry is a community outreach organization and this Saturday's youth service is open to the public.


Organized, founded and hosted by Rev. Benson Fuaautoatasi Mauga, "The Samoan Athletes Heart of Champions is a sports ministry established in 2002 to target students, athletes and coaches at junior high through professional levels. SAHC uses the platform of athletics, with athletes and coaches as role models to reach a world that is influenced by sports. SAHC presents the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the Samoan Wisdom (fa’autaga ma le tofa mamao); Family (aiga) ministry, Community (lalafaga) ministry, Churches (fa'afeagaiga ma ta’ita’i) ministries."


SAHC's mission is to present to all athletes, coaches, family, community, churches and all whom they influence, the challenge and adventure of receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, experience Him in relationship and fellowship of the Church, body of Christ.


Continued Rev. Mauga, "The goal of SAHC is to identify, equip, train and encourage leaders, coaches, and teachers as role models for through their influence they can give young people the support they need to make the right decisions in life… get involved with the needs of others. “What you make happen for others, God will make happen for you.” (Ephesians 6:8 and 1 John 3:17)


"I'm honored and privileged to be asked to deliver the inspirational message at this distinguished event," said Aumua, a founding board member and current officer for government affairs for Field House 100 American Samoa established by the Smart Brothers, Brandon and Pastor Brian Smart as a local on-island non profit organization whose mission is to provide academic excellence through athletics.


She added, "This is a special moment for it gives us the opportunity through SAHC to honor the contributions of many who have poured their hearts and lives into students.  Many of the names go unnoticed, but be blessed, their mission of impacting lives can be seen.  Most importantly, each of these students knows who these individuals are and how they have positively invested in them.  This also is a time we get to recognize excellence both on and off the athletic playing fields."


Aumua Amata concluded by saying, "Education is very important to me because it has allowed me to travel the world representing Pacific islanders in both private and public affairs.  Without this education, I would never see the awesome creation of God's mighty Hand throughout the world. I am grateful to Rev. Mauga and the event organizers for allowing me to share this special moment with them."


Aumua is currently enroute home to American Samoa.