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Attendees at hazards preparedness workshop to share strategies

Yesterday was the first day of the two-day American Samoa Government Department of Homeland Security Senior Official Workshop for all Hazards Preparedness being held at the Department of Homeland Security Territorial Emergency Management Coordinating Office in Tafuna.


 In attendance were directors and officials from government departments with the workshop being conducted by Ronald K. Taylor and Don Ogden from Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service.


According to information provided by the extension service, the workshop provides a forum for local executives to share strategies and coordinate plans for emergency preparedness and response. The intention of the workshop is to discuss executive level issues with leaders from the agencies involved in all levels of the emergency management structure.


The expected outcome: Executive and administrative staff, responder chiefs/department heads and infrastructure and resource leaders sharing a common perspective and an understanding of the challenges they will face in times of crises.


The participants received handouts and booklets on all-hazard preparedness which contained subjects such as the ‘right’ questions to ask during an emergency situation. The National Response Framework, Local government partner guides, Emergency Support Function Annexes and working with the media were all included.