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ASTCA combines 411 and 611 for more efficient customer service

The American Samoa Telecommunications Authority (ASTCA) unveiled the ASTCA Initiative during an opening last Friday at their main compound in Tafuna.


The ASTCA Initiative combines the 411 Information and 611 Trouble Call Desk in one location at their main Tafuna compound for the overall improvement of customer service.


“Establishing the call center is part of ASTCA’s enhancement initiative plan and was started by our CEO Moefa’auo Bill Emmsley. Part of establishing the call center is to support customer service with our newly established tech support team,” said ASTCA’s Tamara Ledoux.


She explained the call center would include 611 Trouble Call and 411 Directory Assistance in one centralized location. In the past, 611 was in one location at the Tafuna warehouse and 411 was in Fagatogo. Ledoux said the newly established tech support team was designed to rapidly respond to customer issues and to assure the quality of customer service. Along with the enhancement Initiative plan is also customer service training that is currently ongoing at this time.


Speaking about the Initiative enhancement plan, ASTCA CEO Moefa’auo said that at the end of the day, the customers are the ones that pay their wages. “One of our top priorities is to improve customer service,” he said.


Regarding the improvement of Internet services, Moefa'auo said there are some difficult technical issues that they are looking at — such as expanding the capacity of bandwidth. “We are working with several outside sources to increase our bandwidth including the implementation of 03b that will add to the capacity and will improve the reliability for capacity and the speed of the Internet.”


He said that throughout the rest of the year, you will see showcased some of the plans they will be using in the ongoing improvement of customer service.


As for the training of the technical support team, Moefa'auo explained they will not only do the trouble and directory assistance calls, but the next phase will be training them to also promote ASTCA products as well as the services they are offering.


“That is where the call center concept comes into play,” he said, adding that a long term goal is for the old Fagatogo ASTCA building to someday hold a comprehensive call center on the second floor, with the bottom being used as a technology store and internet cafe.